Saturday, September 14, 2013

Swing and a Pop Up Mails Mariners: a Trade Post

I am writing this on my laptop from a smoky bar full of screaming college football fans.  I knew that the game we are watching (LSU vs. Kent State) would be a boring one, so I decided to be that guy, the one that actually uses the free wi-fi the bar provides.  Bear with me as I attempt to avoid typos and not spill any beer or fried frog leg crumbs on the keyboard.

Anyway, Bert from Swing and a Pop Up is the man.  Have you met this dude?  He does these Trading Thursdays thingies where he offers up a bunch of cards from a single team, and you claim them in exchange for cards from his want list.  I ended up finding a lot of stuff he needed, and it's a good thing too because he sent quality.

Here is just some of what he sent me:

Nobody's perfect, guys.  I for one appreciate that the 'Rod was willing to put his health and reputation on the line just to entertain me with more home runs.  God bless him.

Sarcasm doesn't come across in the written word, but I do really love this card.

We can all agree on this guy, right?  He's got a lot of great cards, too, and that one-word-name thing gives him an air of legend.

Jamie "Methusela" Moyer, Dan "Underrated" Wilson, Ruben "He Was a Mariner??" Sierra, Jay "Griffey's Friend" Buhner, and a Kazuhiro "I'm Not Familiar Enough With Him to Come Up With a Cute Nickname" Sasaki relic card.

To someone who started collecting in 1994, this is vintage.  I love that old M's logo.

Now to the Griffeys:

Wow - brand new and sealed!  The "card" is upside-down on the little holder, so I can't tell if Griffey is the player on the CD-ROM inside or if it is a random player like a pack.  Does anyone know?  I wonder if this is still useable online or if it requires an AOL account or something.  The Internet was a much different place 13 years ago.

They should do this again but with flash drives.  They could be shaped like bats or baseballs or even little cards.  I would buy that.

Just a nice card.  Plus it has more gloss than a.....gloss factory?  Yeah, that's the ticket.

Lenticulicious and adorable, in that order.

Thanks a ton, Bert!  Bert is working on a lot of sets, so go help him out.

Every time LSU scores a touchdown, we do a Jaeger bomb.  They are currently winning 31-10,  I'm not trying to condone binge drinking, I just want you to know how hard it was to assemble this post.

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  1. It is Griffey. I don't know if I would put in your computer, though. Maybe if it was running Windows 98.