Wednesday, September 25, 2013

The Prowling Cat Hooks it Up Fat: a Trade Post

Have you met Zenus of The Prowling Cat?  Class act, this one.  In addition to the normal stuff we all collect he also collects pocket schedules, team business cards, and lots of other random things from various sports.  He showcases everything on his blog, so you never know what he’ll post next.  It’s neat.

A few weeks ago he posted some Dairy Queen Griffey cards which I was quick to express interest in.  He generously set them aside for me, and I forgot about them until they showed up at my door a few days ago:

I love the color.  Z also included a handful of Griffeys which are always welcome:

I know I shouldn’t, but I am mighty tempted to scratch that Triple Play Action card and see what happens.  I have enough of them now that it may be worth the fun…..

Being that he specializes in pocket schedules, I was also excited to find this mixed in with the Griffeys:

This man has inspired me to get on the pocket schedule trolley.  I’ll save those for another post.

Thank you, Zenus!

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