Thursday, September 26, 2013

The Rainbow Connection....of Meat

Behold the mighty Meat Rainbow!

That's every King B Beef Jerky Griffey card.  They stopped including him after the '96 set, the rogues.

A reader named David noticed that I was missing a few.  A couple of e-mails and days later these arrived at my door:

Thanks a lot for the donation, David!  I asked David to tell me who he collects, but it doesn’t seem that he wants anything in return.  It's great to see selfless generosity continue to thrive in this hobby.  I’ve seen these online a few times, and most folks seem to want to overcharge for them for some reason.  I assume it's because a lot of other collectors are hard at work on their own Meat Rainbows.

Anyway, since then I’ve also been able to acquire one of these on the cheap:

A great card despite the minor headwound

These last few cards finished it for good, at least until King B Archives comes out.

Wanna see it again?

Now I know that technically a rainbow in this hobby is a bunch of multicolored parallels of the same card, but you're not here to spoil my fun, are you?  Plus you can't deny it's fun to say.  Meat Rainbow.  Ahhhh..... 

Thanks again, David!


  1. That's really cool !
    I have a odd ball stuff and a lot of Griffey's in general.
    I'll have to check your wants !

  2. Glad I could help out. I love food insert cards and really into SLU memorabilia. Nice blog!