Thursday, April 24, 2014

Tim Wallach: Always Packs a Wallop

I don’t ask for much – just all your Griffeys.  Yet I can certainly appreciate when folks don’t have Griffeys to send.  It’s no biggie.  When I send out cards to folks it’s not always to get something in return.  I just recognize that some cards belong with other collectors - especially when I can get a bunch of cardboard to that collector for the price of one stamp.

Take Corey, for example, of the now-famous blog Tim Wallach.  I save my Tim Wallach cards for weeks, and when I feel I have enough I shoot them over to him in a PWE.  I don’t sit around waiting for Corey to go out and buy me Griffeys or anything.

But being the stand-up guy he is, Co-Co Puffs still makes makes it a point to send me something.  The amazing thing is that every time he does, it’s something I absolutely love.

The other day I got a PWE from The Stack with two cards in it.  The first was a 2014 Topps Series 1 Griffey All-Rookie Cup Team insert – a lovely card I don’t have many of.

In that same envelope was this:

I pulled this card out and was all like, “Whaaaaaaa?”  I have been wanting this card for SO LONG.  I even tried finding one on COMC several times with no luck.  Now here it is: the granddaddy of bubble cards.

I’m fascinated by that bubble measuring tool, but I find it a bit dependent on what side of the bubble you use it on.  I’d like to see the complete rules for this contest.

The back is just as great:

Look at the names: Johnny Bench, Gary Carter, young George Brett?  All these guys participated in a bubble-blowing contest?  Not only that, 22 teams team had their own contests?  And these contests culminated in “team championships?”  Then they sent the winners of those to a neutral location where they competed with each other in uniform?  At blowing gum bubbles?  I can’t even.  I just can’t.

The only non-surprise here is that Bert Blyleven did so well:

Until that envelope came, this was my favorite gum bubble card.  Now it’s garbage (not really).

Thank you, Corey.  You killed it again.  You’ve set the standard pretty high for envelopes from Stackhouse Law Offices.  What are you going to send next time, a ’52 Mantle?  How are you so good at this?!?  Geez.


  1. I have always wanted to see the back of that card.

  2. Great. The Yankees pounded my Red Sox tonight and now I found out we lost in the first round of the bubble gum blowing championship to a Yankee too!

  3. Topps should get a contest going, forget about all the cards with photo variations they need to get a Bubble Gum Blowing Championship set for the 2015 and chronicle it through cardboard. Make it an on-going insert through all of their lower-end releases through the year.