Tuesday, January 12, 2016

The Good Lord Does Not Want Me to Blog

I’ve been doing this for three years now, and never have I had such a long dry spell as this. I have four or five perfectly good posts waiting in the wings that need only a few scans to publish, and I still haven’t been able to find the drive to finish them. Even now in the most significant revival of Griffey fandom in well over a decade. It seems the moment the holidays began it’s been a whirlwind of activity, good and bad, that’s kept me away from the keyboard, and it shows no sign of slowing down.

Over the next few weeks I have my wedding anniversary, four family birthdays, two baby showers (both ours), several doctor appointments, and two expected funerals (as some of you may know, the only thing worse than having a funeral on your schedule is knowing that you’re going to have one very soon, you have no idea when it will be, and you just have to wait for the call – I have two of these). Thankfully the two-week Mardi Gras season begins at the end of this month. The distraction will be welcome.

On top of all that we’ve been putting the baby’s room together, building furniture, baby-proofing the house, rushing through all the home improvement projects we’ve been putting off (getting a new driveway poured as I type this), working out a budget (say goodbye to all those Griffey Holy Grails), and using any remaining down time to read baby books.

Oh, and my wife, having entered her third trimester, has officially caught the nesting bug. She’s a ball of energy, and she’s made numerous lists and gotten me on board with things I never thought I would be: relocate my scotch collection, let go of a great many possessions, and even give up cable.

Two bright spots: first, getting ready for this baby has been fun and rewarding. Second, she did let me buy a new turntable with my Christmas money:

This surprised me as we both know she’s really doing all the hard stuff what with that little squash-sized mini-me kicking and punching her from the inside.

Anyhoo, I’m writing this to let everyone know who’s sent me a trade package (and there are a bunch of you) that nothing is slipping through the cracks. I’ll be expressing my gratitude soon enough – just not as quickly as I would like. Heck, I’m writing this very post while in-between appointments at work. I’m not even sure I’ll make it to the computer tonight to post this (it’s currently Monday the 11th – was I successful?).

Oh, and on top of everything David Bowie died yesterday. The hits keep coming.


  1. That turntable is a beauty! I might have to update my equipment pretty soon myself.

  2. That's a nice turntable, I sold alot of my records after my daughter was born 8 years ago(!) As they say, life gets in the way. You'll be the king of Griffeys on or off hiatus.

  3. That's a nice turntable, I sold alot of my records after my daughter was born 8 years ago(!) As they say, life gets in the way. You'll be the king of Griffeys on or off hiatus.

  4. For a lack of posts, you will repay us by getting your safe deposit, blindfolding yourself and randomly sending cards from it to us.

  5. Sweet turntable. That's on my wishlist, as my record collection is still in the closet waiting...waiting...

    My sympathies for the impending funerals, and congratulations for the blessings coming your way as well - Mardi Gras included.
    Best of luck with everything.
    We know you'll be back when the time is right.

  6. Looks like you have to pay the JediJeff tax.

  7. And I thought I had a busy schedule. I'd say I hope things settle down in the future, but we all know that as soon as Junior Junkie Jr. comes along... you're going to be even busier. But man... the memories you'll be making together as a family is going to be worth it.

    P.S. Sweet turntable.