Monday, February 29, 2016

Gavin is Making Us All Look Bad: a Trade Post

I have no idea what I could possibly send to Gavin of Baseball Card Breakdown to make up for the insane customs he throws my way. I mean, the guy's got his own card logo. It's like if you were buddies with the president of Panini and he randomly made you your own 1/1 of your favorite player. The guy's got cut signatures and TTM autos on his own custom cards, and he just gives them away like the cardboard fairy.

This is some serious next-level hobbying right here.

2015 Cardsphere Heroes Custom 1/1 Green

The hell, dude? How did you do this? Is that a foil star cutout? And is that me referenced in the blurb?! I've mentioned in the past that I've always wanted more cards of that ugly/awesome future jersey, but it was in passing. Did you catch that, Gavin? This is so above and beyond kick ass I don't even know how to respond trade-wise. What do want? A pound of flesh? Some blood? Take my blood!

And I can't thank you enough for using "cardsphere" in lieu of "cardosphere." You truly are a man after my own heart, Gavin. I see your games, and I'm blushing.

Here's a perfectly-executed homage to the '89 Upper Deck Griffey for Kris Bryant whose final home run in the minor leagues I am proud to say I saw happen live (and wallet carded). The little foil bit on the back made me smile.

Here's a pair of T.J.'s. As a T.J., I can tell you we do not like hanging out with other initially-named folks, let alone other T.J.'s. It gets confusing fast.

We also have a nice new Chuck and a lovely framed Doby from Gypsy Queen. The Finley is a Naboo card, meaning all grass in the background (the opposite of a Tatooine card). Are you interested in those, Roy of Plain Gray Swatch? I've been setting both kinds of cards aside for some time, but you haven't posted in a year, so I'm guessing you may no longer be wanting them. Any other takers?

Finally, while it's not my first baseball card ornament, it is my funniest. This baby is hanging on a push pin at my card desk year-round from now on. LaMarry Christmas to you, too, big guy. You do amazing work.

Oh, and in case you haven't, go and check out Gavin's custom Simpsons set. It'll make you want to be a better man.

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  1. Glad you like and thanks for the flattery!

    I want to make more cards with those crazy Turn Ahead The Clock uniforms.. definitely among the many ideas on my customs-to-do list.