Monday, December 1, 2014

Three-for-Three PWE: a Night Owl Trade Post

Night Owl killed it on the PWE front the other day.  Here's the proof:

Greg got a couple of these Puigs from his end of the Nachos Grande 2014 SC group break (he got lots of pairs of things, for that matter), and he was nice enough to set one aside for yours truly.  Cool shot of the Puigster being the Puigster, and a step closer to me completing the base set.

Greg is also a major contributor to my PC's of older guys due to his access to vintage.  This Vida Blue Kellogg's 3-D is absolutely gorgeous.  You should see the back.  Wait, why didn't I scan the back?  Anyway, the backs are really cool.

Finally we have a mini from last year's A&G set.  It also happens to be the A&G-back version which makes it an all-new addition to the Griffey collection.

So, yeah.  That PWE went three-for-three.  All new to me, all needed for the three different kinds of collections I chase the most: the occasional set, a handful of PC's, and all the Griffeys.  Great envelope, Greg!  Thanks again!


  1. Hey Junior Junkie - fellow Griffey collector here. You may want to check out this eBay auction, only about 23 hours left. It is gonna be well out of my price range, but your pockets may be deeper than mine. :) It is one of the Pinnacle "bankruptcy" cards that were produced but never sold, but somehow a few slipped out after the company went under. If you have the money and think you might want it I suggest taking a crack at it, because it may be a loooooong time before you see another one!!

  2. Welp, at least someone will get what they want this holiday.

  3. Sadly that auction did not work out for me. It went for a few buck shy of $200, less than I was expecting but still too rich, especially with it being Christmastime and all. Thanks again for pointing it out, Southpaw! Much appreciated...