Friday, May 22, 2015

Bring Me the Severed Head of Harold Reynolds: A P-Town Trade Post

I got a big ol' package from P-Town Tom, Cubs fan and proprietor of the popular card blog Waiting 'Til Next Year, possibly the most perfect name for a Cubs blog ever conceived. You might think a Cubs fan would also pull for the Mariners being that they are in a similarly unsuccessful baseball boat; but Tom saw fit to send me a slew of M's, and among them were a few real gems.

The first was this lovely severed head of Harold Reynolds who, if you drink a couple fingers of scotch and squint, is indistinguishable from the Kid (it's the mustache). I happen to know that Junior has one of these heads available, and he is most definitely not smiling on it. I'm putting this on my Griffey cabinet anyway.

I did, indeed, find something, and I'm saving the big surprise for last.

Here is a set I've been chasing for some time, the 1994 Dairy Queen gold parallel set. These cards are a tough get and tend to go for a few bucks each. Tom sent me the whole set. I was giddy already.

Arguably the most famous card from this set is the "Spiderman catch" which just hurts to look at. It also reminds Griffey fans of the tragedy that would come from one of these catches just a few seasons later.

Promo cards from what may be my favorite year of SPx. Beautiful.

A sweet branded oddball from Kraft. This is one I hardly ever see let alone in trade packages. Solid airbrushing here.

While I don't consider myself a Mariners collector, there were some great cards in this package. I love cards of Ken Phelps, and this one from Fleer is the perfect example of why. He looks like a cool uncle who would let you take sips of his beer so long as you "don't tell your mother." To this day I want to go to a barbecue at Uncle Ken's house. Great ear flap, too. Certainly the second-best southpaw named Ken the Mariners ever had.

Nice try, Swell. And man, does Leon love his chewing gum or what?

I want all the '89 Donruss. All of it. Storage space be damned. These three were nice and crisp, too.

Youngest to 2000 K's is what I've been hearing, and that Goudey makes him look really young. Go get 'em, King.

Speaking of the King, the Mariners roster looks pretty strong thanks in part to Felix and these two guys. The Cubs have a lot to be excited about, too, despite being in a strong division. And the Astros are one of the top teams in baseball right now (though they'll likely blow it in the last few weeks of the season because they're the Astros). Still, the future looks promising for a few perennial also-ran teams. I can't even imagine what the playoffs will look like in three or four seasons. As an underdog fan, I'm hoping for fireworks.

Speaking of fireworks:

This thing is stunning and in what I would consider mint condition. I didn't even feel right opening it up to read.


I normally flatten things like this out on the scanner, but I had no intention of damaging the perfectly intact spine. Here are a few iPhone pics of the cards inside.

Looking a little out of place there, Lindros.

The back is this really beautiful sketch of the Kid with just a tinge of color.

One of my favorite things in this package was this ad for Upper Deck's new "Collector's Choice" brand which sounds like a real winner if you ask me. I wonder what lucky little kid will win the contest for a spot on a real Griffey card! Oh, it's...Gam Gam.

Congratulations, Gam Gam. I guess.

I suppose you really wanted that.

To be on a baseball card.

With Ken Griffey, Jr.


You really blew me away with this trade package, Tom. From the DQ golds to the Cartwright's magazine, I am in your debt. Really - Thanks a ton. I feel like I won a contest.

And to all those to whom I still owe trade posts, keep your eyes peeled! I'll be firing a few of these off this week...


  1. I'm going bring #RandomActsOfCardness to NYC next week. Staring with about a dozen junk wax cards. Speaking of junk wax, if you really want "all the '89 Donruss cards" i've got about a thousand or so I could ship your way.

    1. That is fantastic! I will email you the template for the stickers I made. The stickers are three quarters of an inch by 1 inch and three-quarters. Sorry, talk to text spells everything out apparently.

      And if you can find a way to ship those 1989 Donruss cards to me I will take them all!

  2. That Collector's Choice brand has potential, I tell you. Looks like a fantastic group of cards from Tom, and that journal looks absolutely stunning,

  3. I swear -- that Harold Reynolds head is so realistic looking that I can hear it saying that On-Base Percentage isn't important and that clubhouse chemistry matters much more.

  4. I wonder if Gam Gam taunted her grandkids with this card?

    Players Choice Pedro Martinez is added to the shopping cart.

  5. Man, I just found those floating heads when I was cleaning out the man closet. Who would have known the Harold Reynolds one would get so much love?

    I'm glad you liked the package!