Monday, September 14, 2015


25 years ago today the Griffeys put all the world's great father-son memories to shame.

It was pretty cool that Junior followed in his Dad's footsteps by playing in the Major Leagues. It was remarkable that for a time they were both playing at the same time. It was astounding that they ended up active on the same team and positively bonkers that they were back-to-back in the lineup. What happened next was nothing short of a dream come true for these two.

What are the odds of something like that ever happening again? It's rare enough that a son follow his father into the majors let alone that they play at the same time. But on the same team? And back-to-back in the lineup? And double dingers? I can't imagine this ever happening again. I find it hard to believe it happened in the first place.

Congratulations, guys, on one of the greatest moments in baseball sports history


  1. Trout or Harper need to have a kid fast. That will be the best chance....

    1. Byron Buxton and his lady have a son, Britton. Not saying Britton is going to make it to the majors, or that Byron will still be playing in 20 years, but there you go..

  2. I think it happened with Tim Raines and his son a few years ago. Maybe it could happen nowadays with a relief pitcher or something? One of those guys who pitches forever like LaTroy Hawkins?


  4. This is an ABC Afterschool Special in the making... or at least an ESPN 30 for 30 documentary. Very cool moment in sports history.