Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Wallet Card Wednesday: Cardboard TV Family Edition

In this new fictional sitcom from the producers of Hi, Honey I’m Home and Herman’s Head, Griffey is the goofy dad, Shannon Elizabeth is the doting but hilarious mom, the Topps TV Twins Steph and Lin are the wise-cracking kids, Schottzie is the family dog, Bruce Weitz is Griffey’s grumpy boss who always seems to be coming over for dinner and/or firing Griffey even though Griffey always manages to get his job back by the end of the episode, and Bryan Clutterbuck is the wacky neighbor who is always hatching some wild scheme to get rich or get laid but always fails hilariously at both (until the last episode – spoiler alert). Together these crazy characters make up the cast of “Home of Cards” (House of Cards was taken). This Fall on FOX.

Also Schottzie can travel through time, but it doesn’t come up that often.


  1. I'm firing up the Tivo already!

  2. This show sounds a lot better than the show I wanted NBC to pick up:

    but it's probably not as good as what resulted from that post:

  3. I loved Herman's Head, I am up for anything including Griffey and Herman's Head producers.