Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Wallet Card Wednesday: Look at Me! Edition

I’m on a weekly pub trivia team, The Problem Children. There are two or three trivia contests happening at various bars on any given night in this town. We’ve competed in most of them and even won a few. It’s a good excuse to get out on a weeknight and enjoy a few pints with friends. Plus, free stuff sometimes.

This is a photo taken from the Geeks Who Drink website of the night we won at Bruno’s. It’s kind of blurry, but I’m in there along with the Griffey. The guy next to me is Nol, longtime friend, patriarch of the team, and master of all topics trivial. Except baseball. That’s where I come in. Also he confuses Air Supply and REO Speedwagon which is simply unacceptable.

I dedicate this post to Night Owl who recently had the marbles to post a photo of himself, something few bloggers have done.


  1. The reason why people get REO and Air Supply confused Is because both bands have brought us all to tears at one point or another,lol!It's hard to make the distinction when the tears get In the way.

  2. Here is the simple way to remember the two:

    REO rules and Air Supply sucks. And RIP Gary:

  3. I like team trivia. Hard to play these days with the little one, but I sub every now and again when they need a sports guy.

  4. I always confuse Air Supply and New England. Mainly because my parents have like 40 Air Supply records combined...and one record by New England.

    Also this is an awesome song -

  5. 1981 me is stunned into silence that anyone would confuse REO and Air Supply.

    I need to get into one of those trivia teams.