Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Wallet Card Wednesday: Oktoberfest Edition

My wife made me a deal: I could either have a big blowout birthday house party (which is what we usually do), or she would buy me a Nintendo Wii U. I chose the Wii U. So instead we had a big birthday meet-up at the local Oktoberfest where we would not have to provide any of the food, beer, or cleanup we would at home.

My first beer of the night.

It's put on by our local German Culture center here in New Orleans which is called the Deutsches Haus. There's a ton of German food, dozens of imported German beers, liqueurs, pastries, roasted nuts, pretzels, all that. The focal point of the night, though, is the German music.

There's a large stage setup with lots of different musical acts playing everything from Schnitzelbank to the Chicken Dance to the theme from Hogan's Heroes, and then back to Schnitzelbank again. Everything else seems to be yodeling and/or polka of some sort, but it all sounds great after several Warsteiner Dunkels. The band here played a lot of German favorites as well as a few modern pop hits played with the popular, accordion-heavy Deutschland style that's so popular with the millennials.

This is one of my favorite New Orleans festivals (which is saying something). Plus with a bun in the oven, it's the last one I'll be able to cut loose at for at least a few years, so we did it up real big. Well, I did. She drove us home.

Schnitzelbank Restaurant Milwaukee Wisconsin

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  1. Awesome choice for both the present and the party! If you end up buying Mario Maker for WiiU let me know!

    1. Will do! I'm considering it. I got the Mariokart 8 edition console and picked up the new Smash Bros. and NES Remix as well as a Link Amobii (which is unfortunatley not all I thought it was going to be). The last game I really want is Lego Dimensions with the Portal expansion, but Mario Maker looks like a blast, too.

  2. Mario Kart is fun, the new Smash is pretty great as well. I'm a big platformer so I would highly recommend DK's Tropical Freeze as well if you like challenging platformers. I haven't bought LEGO Dimensions (for as much as I spend on LEGO as it is, I'm scared to get hooked on those). I also have avoided all the Amiibo, too expensive for my tastes (and you are correct, they don't really do all that much in the games that I have at least).

  3. Great call. I would have made the same choice. Have fun with your Wii U.