Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Wallet Card Wednesday: Birthday Edition

It's my birthday! Thomas is my name when I'm at work (I do this so that if I run into someone that knows me while out and about, I can tell whether they know me professionally or personally by what they call me and act accordingly), so of course that is what they had put on my cake.

I also had one of these. Well, half of one. The dog ate the rest.

Wooo! Birthday!


  1. Happy Birthday JJ! Gotta ask... how was the Halloween Whopper? Half of me wants to run out and try it... and the other half is kinda freaked out by the black bun.

    1. It was okay. Tasted like a regular whopper to me.

  2. Is your poop green? I heard those burgers do that to ya.

  3. Dude, happy birthday! Great call with the cookie cake.