Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Griffey Progress Report: 1995 Leaf

I've made it abundantly clear how into '95 Leaf I am, and after a lot of searching and spending, Buy It Now's and Best Offers on COMC and card shows and the like, I've finally amassed all the Griffeys from that set, including long-time holdout Statistical Standouts.

1995 Leaf Statistical Standouts #2 #/5000

This is among the most well-designed inserts of 1995.  It's heavily embossed with a holofoil signature and realistic texture across the front. 

Sadly I'm now on the lookout for another one.  I snagged this one with a best offer on feebay, but when I went to take it out of the case a bit of damage occurred.  It must have been in there since it got pulled almost 20 years ago, and the high-gloss back fused to the inner plastic.  You can see the damage as white specks on the back there.  I supposed it still counts (it's numbered, dammit!), but it remains on my want list.  Luckily the seller was really cool about it and sent me a full refund without asking for the card back.  So, here it is.  Bittersweet...

1995 Leaf Gold Leaf Stars #4 #/10000

Another beauty, this card is rich in color and a cool holofoil effect that permeates the front.  The most obvious design feature apart from the gold foil trim is the internal star die-cut.  Most die-cuts are found along card edges, but this one is right in the card.  Topps Laser would go nuts with this feature the following year, but in 1995 this was a pretty cool effect.

1995 Leaf Slideshow #8A & B

These were printed on translucent plastic with (you guesses it) more holofoil features in the front.  I didn't know until I made my original 1995 Leaf post that there are two versions of this card, one from each series.  I finally have them both and can create the entire "disc."  College is really starting to pay off...

1995 Leaf Opening Day #4

I'm not really sure what this card is, but it exists and there's the logo.  I didn't know until I saw it on COMC that Leaf even made an Opening Day set.  The back is pretty cool, though.  I love fireworks on cards.

Thus after years of lovin' on '95 Leaf, I've finally landed them all.  Here is a scan 18 years in the making:




  1. What a great set. Love the "Statistical Standouts" insert. Hilarious how "rare" the serially numbered cards are. Crazy to think how much of my allowance I spent on overpriced Tino cards in 1997 because they were numbered to 5,000.

  2. I love the Slideshow cards, congrats on putting together the cool set.