Sunday, January 5, 2014

How Many Peavy's? A Trade Post

How many Peavy's would it take to earn all this excellent custom and autographed goodness?  Gavin of Baseball Card Breakdown is putting me to the test, and I hope I'm up to the challenge. 

You see, I mentioned in a previous post that I am puzzled by how frequently I pull Jake Peavy cards.  It's not like I've got anything against the guy; but I just keep finding his stuff in packs and mystery long boxes from the LCS, and I can't help but wonder "Why me?"  It got to the point that I started setting his stuff aside just out of curiosity as to how high the stack would get.

And wouldn't you know it?  Somebody wanted that stack.  Gavin knew I was into Ron Kittle and also somehow cracked the code that I'm a bit of a casual Ken Griffey, Jr. fan, and here we are.  Naturally he is way more on top of his trade game than I, so I got a nice padded envelope just a few days later.

Topps really outdid themselves with this release from 2004.  Sure, Kittle is far from the most valuable cards from this series, but I would have been ecstatic to pull a redemption card for this one.  Great sig, too.  Immediately one of my absolute favorite Kittles.

Here are a few Saints cards Gavin threw in.  I'm not too familiar with Perriman, but I remember kick returner Lonzell Hill.  The standout here is Craig "Ironhead" Heyward who people still talk about with affection down here.

 This is a "girly" card that Gavin threw in.  My favorite part is the back (as is often the case):

I cannot get over how much information is here.  And sure, she misspelled that president's name, but look at those measurements!  We'll let it slide.

If you subscribe to Gavin's blog, you probably know that he's one of those custom card guys who likes to personalize his cardboard.  Those posts are always a blast to see, and now I get to make one of my very own (with his cards, of course).

The scan takes away from the sparkly, tactile look of this card.  If I didn't know any better, I would think just by looking at it that it was some kind of cool insert or parallel.  Check out what he did with the back.

Signed and numbered 1/1, just like a little piece of art.  Right up my alley.  This is now my second blogger-customized 1/1 Griffey card.  Love it.

The alterations here are on the super-thick screw-case.  Had all this glow-juice been applied to the card itself, I probably would have gone all Brad Pitt from the end of Seven.  I am sadly unable to photograph the glow effect, but trust me - it's cool.  There is also a subtle sparkle border here that shows just how much thought goes into its creation.  This picture does not do it justice.

Thanks for the excellent trade package, Gavin!  I'm still trying to assemble the right trade package for you, but I will have them out soon.  Gonna need more Peavy's, that's for sure.

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