Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Six Rack Packs of 2014 Topps

Today is my first ever snow day.  People are calling it "sneuxpocalypse."  Not good people, but people.  So, I ran to Wally World this morning to pick up some beef jerky and to check for early stocking of 2014 flagship.  And wouldn't you know it?

No blasters, packs, or hanging boxes; but plenty of these.  Here's what I got, starting with the base cards:

A lot of celebration and autograph shots in the new set.

Sure that Kendrys Morales card is not showing his face, but it's a great shot.  And how great is that Rivera card?

I really like the return of the Future Star stamp.

I'm so used to a line of text below the names - these seem empty without it.

Here's a few double-play cards...

...and some excellent plays at the plate.

I don't know what the SP theme is this year, but I'm hoping it's tongue-shots.  If that's the case, here are three.

Wal-Mart blues - no surprise here.

A couple of serial-numbered golds, too.

Plenty of limey parallels, too.  I didn't know this was a thing.

These sparkle pink parallels look to have replaced the spinach of 2013.

I love the Super Veteran insert, but I seem to remember the original '83 SV cards featuring players that have more years under their belts.

Good-looking insert.  I like the color-coding here which is repeated on the backs.

This year's rookie insert looks like Gypsy Queen.

That blue is the border.  It's die-cut with rounded corners and that swoosh on the bottom right coming off the card a bit.  Not sure how I feel about these yet.  I guess I like them.

Only pulled one each of these inserts, but I love the Mattingly.  I assume there's a Griffey of that Rookie Cup Team?

This has a game code on the back I'll probably never use.  It must be pretty rare because I only pulled one out of all those cards.  Apparently there are 110 of these in each series, and they want me to get them all.  I don't see that happening...

Hope you enjoyed the fruits of my scanning.  I'm off to....what do people without jobs do all day?  Nap?  Blog?  I'll probably do a little bit of both.  Stay warm!


  1. Most excellent, thanks for posting! As a '89 Topps junkie, I like the die cuts. Though I'm saying that as someone who hasn't seen or held one in person. But, anything that pays homage to that set is AOK in my book.

    Enjoy your sneux day!

  2. I'd be interested in trading for any of those Cardinals or rookies you pulled. I have plenty of Griffeys!

  3. I think the die cuts are kind of cool but the rest of the set doesn't do much for me. And why so many parallels? Who the heck wants that many copies of the same card?!

  4. Those Super Veteran inserts are cool... and very cool "final card" for Mariano.

  5. I can't quite place it, but there's something vaguely depressing about that Zito Super Veteran card...