Saturday, January 4, 2014

I Won a Contest!

I'm not big on tooting one's own horn, but that is how this trade package happened.  Many of you know the Nachos Grande Blogger Bracket Challenge, and despite my relative noob-hood to the blogsphere and my more or less complete misunderstanding as to what kind of posts people write for this thing in round 0, I ended up taking home the grand prize.

Thanks to everyone who read and/or voted for me, including my friends and family whom I notified of the voting via Facebook.  I'm certain most of them don't even read this blog, but say my Aunt Patti someday gets curious about how many Tiffany Griffeys were made or the wacky inserts of 2000 Pacific, she may happen upon this blog and finally get her thanks. 

Anyway, I really did have a blast writing fiction and playing around with card designs in MS Paint, and there were tons of excellent posts in the contest that made me laugh to beat the band.  Here are the subject cards I wrote about:

Poor John Burkett.  I really made him out to be a sociopath.  I googled his name and my post didn't come up, so I guess I'm thankful he may never see it.

Chris also threw in a few of my favorite things, those being Griffey cards, including a few I needed for the collection.  Take a look:

Two great Juniors from a favorite Upper Deck set and a Topps Stars that I needed!

Two sweet combo cards including one Cooperstown Calling with the Iron Man that, again, I needed!

And finally another great Upper Deck card, one of those cool 2000 cards showing Junior announcing his newly-adopted Red-ness, and a checklist that (you guessed it) I needed!  I don't even think that one is officially on any Griffey checklists, but I'm counting it.  Cards like this are why you need friends in the hobby.

Thanks again for the great cards, Chris!  If anyone got really attached to one of their subject cards from the contest and wants to own it, drop me a line and I'll PWE it out to you.  I must admit I'm pretty attached to that Bigfoot card.


  1. Yeah, you did a nice job in the contest, and I'm not just sayin that because you beat up on me in the Rex Hudler round!