Saturday, January 25, 2014

Howard Makes Like a Tree and Leafs: a Trade Post

I am most decidedly not a set collector, but there is one set that has had me smitten since I opened my first pack at the card stand in Lakeside Mall 18 years ago.  Readers of this blog may already have an idea of what set I'm talking about.

While far from the most popular set of the 90's, 1995 Leaf is the bee's knees in this guy's humble opinion.  They came in and classed up the joint with their lovely gold foil script and holofoil elements on every base card. 

I never considered building the set as a kid, but that changed when I purchased hobby boxes of both series 1 and 2 last year.  I guess I was trying to recapture a bit of the pack-busting fun I had in my youth, but a side effect of that is that suddenly I was only 11 cards short of the entire set.  As a collector, it became my responsibility to complete this thing.  That's where Howard comes in.

Howard runs the blog Wanted: Baseball Cards and is in the process of re-entering the online trading community.  He e-mailed me out of the blue offering the remaining cards from my '95 Leaf checklist.  How nice is that?

I didn't need anything particularly rare or expensive, but sometimes those weird common cards that nobody held on to can be the toughest to find.

Howard must have had a whole box of them laying around in reasonable order, though, because he locked down every one.

Lucky for me he has a list of '74 Topps needs on his blog which is something I could actually help him with.  I have a couple of those on their way to you now, sir, along with a couple of other cards you may like.  Thanks so much for the help!

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  1. I love that 95 Leaf set. I'm thinking after I knock out these few junk wax sets that are close to finished I may just try to tackle that one.