Thursday, April 11, 2013

A Trio of Tremendous Trade Triumphs

I got a package from Kerry aka madding over at Cards on Cards.  He send me Griffeys pretty regularly, and they tend to be unique and easy to find a place for in the collection.  I recommend you trade with him....

Look at all the people on that sheet of stickers - it's like a who's who of card collecting in 1998!  Here's the reverse:

A lot of great players on this one sheet that I collect to this day.  Awesome.

There are a lot of dual cards out there that feature Griffey and a young player that doesn't end up going anywhere or a single-season superstar that doesn't stand the test of time.  Here is the exception: Griffey and Larkin.  There's a lot of skill on this little card. 

The Reds had a great lineup in the mid-00's.  I'm really surprised when I read about how unsuccessful they were in that time.  Reds fans, I'd like your input on this.


Geaux Hornets!  Er, I means geaux Pelicans?  Hm.  That sounds weird.  Anyway, I don't know who this guy is.

I remember this card from my collecting days.  I was really psyched to find it in that trade package as I have no idea where mine went.  A great piece of cardboard history.

Thanks again, Madding!

There is a beast living in my soul that thirsts for all the Griffeys of the Earth, and it is sated not just by new Griffeys but also by duplicates.  Bert at Swing and a Pop Up sent me a package loaded with delicious duplicates of Griffey goodness.  Bert, your offering has pleased the beast.

That's not your computer trying to catch up with your scrolling.  Those are lots and lots of duplicates!!!

There's so many of everything, plus a Donruss rookie!  This package was truly awesome.

He also included these which were too numerous to scan effectively:

Griffey Sr, Griffey Jr, and......Jim Abbott?  I'll never understand the player selection here, but dammit if they're not fun cards.  I may have to look more closely as building the whole set.  They will definitely be getting their own post.

I see Bert just updated his want lists, so go check 'em out.  Thanks, Bert!

Last but certainly not least, Spankee from My Cardboard Mistress sent me a package he assured me I would enjoy.  It was gigantic because the cards inside were stored inside this:

I'm a sucker for small boxes.  I don't know why, I just like them.  This one shows a Griffey signature which is amazingly cool.  The cards inside were just as impressive:

That's five serial-numbered Griffeys.  And that's not even all of them:

That big postcard-sized mamma-jamma is also serial numbered!  Plus that Fleer Triple Crown card is news to me, and who doesn't love collector coins?  He sent two.

Thanks, Adam!  You were right - this was a really fun one to go through.

I've just sent out a massive wave of trade packages.  My memory is not great (thanks, college), so I'm hoping I'm square with everybody.  I try to keep up with everybody using an Excel document, but it's far from perfect.

And if you sent me something and have gotten nothing in return, don't be afraid shoot me an e-mail.  I embrace every opportunity to mail out free cardboard.


  1. What an incredible haul!

    I'd never seen a Sweet Spot tin before. Way cool.