Friday, April 19, 2013

Jedi Jeff Jettisons Juniors to Junkie - Junkie Jumps for Joy

I got a PWE from Jeff at 2x3 Heroes that was loaded with class, history, fun, and mystery, in that order. 

Take a look:


I'll admit that I've never been big on the Allen & Ginter cards.  I was raised on the sparkly, the glossy, and the refract-y.  But after 6 months of being back in the game, they are definitely growing on me. 

That being said, these black bordered minis are super-classy.  The detail is great on a card so small and the design is attractive and timeless.  Awesome card.


Victory is another set I've never really taken a shine to.    They seem so plain and unremarkable compared with all the great stuff out there. 

The specimen above is the exception.  It's a well put-together card with a lot of historical clout.  Daddy like.


The modern takes on antique designs are one of my favorite trends going on.  I really enjoy the Topps Heritage sets as well at the '75 minis in the 2013 flagship set.  I find them cool and instantly likeable.  This particular card is a lot of fun. 

One question: Is that a batter at 3rd base?


Which brings us to the mystery part of this PWE.  Unfortunately I'm in the same boat as you, Jeff, in not knowing why this card made it into the stack.  I must admit though, it's a pretty baddass card - certainly one of the better "play at the plate" cards I've seen from the peak of the overproduction era. 

Plus the 10 year-old Braves fan in me likes seeing Kelly Gruber get dirty (even though he's probably safe).

Thanks for the great cards!

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