Friday, April 5, 2013

The Diamond King's Royal Package: a Trade Post

I got a trade package in the mail yesterday from Kevin at The Diamond King.  He sent me so many Griffeys I had never seen you would think I just started collecting.  It's a feeling of immeasurable joy to flip through a stack of Griffeys chanting "need it, need it, need it," but if you're any kind of collector you know what that's like.

That Leaf Passing Through Time card has a secret: the back contains a reprint of a previous Leaf card, and guess which one they chose?

1995 Leaf - only one of my most favorite designs of all time.  There's no foil or holo effect on the reprint, but the colors pop nicely.

I get very excited by reprints of cards that I love but that are considered less iconic on a large scale.  There are plenty of tributes to the '89 Upper Deck rookie and the '52 Topps Mantle, for example, but the '95 Leaf?  Who gives a damn about '95 Leaf?  Me, that's who.  Excellent choice.

That Starquest is of the "Rare" variety.  That's one serious die-cut, and I am grateful to that sticker reminding me that card is a silver variant which I didn't even know was a thing.  Some Griffey card expert I am.

I have one of that "Wish List" set sealed.  I don't have the heart to open them up, so this puts me one step closer to never having to.  Plus that Club House Series card is a promo the back of which is posted below.

Club House promo back and two cool new inserts.

This is the the strangest thing I pulled from Kevin's trade stack.  It appears to be a phone card but there's nothing about it being a phone card anywhere on the card.  I won't go into too much detail as this will likely be the star of an upcoming "Oddball" post.  If you have information on it, give me a shout.

Thanks, Kevin!  This was a truly awesome stack.  I have a solid selection of steroid-using douchecanoes coming your way for the SCAM project.  There's some rookies, serial-numbered cards, inserts, oddballs, all that.  Look for those next week. 

And everyone else, go round up any cards that you used to love but now may be a little bitter about due to the recent unpleasantness in MLB and send them to Kevin.

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