Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Napkin Doon's Griffey Rookie Sandwich: a Trade Post

I received a trade package from Napkin himself from The Adventures of Napkin Doon.  I had sent him a 1996 SPx Paul Wilson from his want list that's been collecting dust in my collection for 14 years.  In return he sent these:

Check out the generic "Photo Quality" logo.  What is that?

I love receiving packs. I've started setting some aside just to send off in trades.  Something in me loves a sealed pack, so I don't always have the heart to open them. 

Then again, sometimes I hold onto old packs until one night I have too much to drink and get frisky, then my brain starts thinking "Hey, there may be a Frank Thomas NNOF RC in that pack of Topps.... No, there's almost definitely one.  Bust it!"  And I, being inebriated and having little self-control, tear that thing apart like a six year old on Christmas morning.  Then I feel shame.

This never happens with packs that are set aside for specific bloggers, though - those are off limits.

Anyhoo, the real gem was tucked in between those packs:

Woo-hoo!  A crisp '89 Fleer Griffey rookie with a sweet doodle of an anthropomorphic napkin man.  This is the sweatiest Griffey card out there, so the presence of a napkin is appropriate.

I definitely got the better end of this trade - thanks, Nap!


  1. Nice Griffey, I actually opened a pack of 89 fleer hoping for the Griffey and got a Billy Ripken Rick Face error card instead. I wasn't upset!