Tuesday, August 5, 2014

A Sort and a Griffey Count Update - Does Anyone Even Read These?

If you were anything like me in high school you were probably playing Drug Wars on your TI-86 during math classes, so I don't blame anyone for skipping over this post.  I guess posts like these are mostly for my benefit to keep tabs on the Griffey counts and talk through collecting/storage strategies.  Also a little bit of bragging (part of being a card blogger: "Look what I got!")

The latest sort was a biggie, and it had a very positive impact on the Griffey count.  The cards came from COMC, card shows, some eBay pickups, and a bunch of trades; so we have a nice mix of sources.  While my eBay pickups used to be all about lots, now they're mostly single cards which has been a boon for the numbers; and the existence of The Beast as a reference has helped keep the purchase of duplicates from COMC and card shows in check.  Enough talk.  Let's get to some hard data.

As a reference, the old counts were 7692 total, 3146 unique, and a 2.445 duplicate ratio.

These are the Griffeys that got sorted.  I updated The Beast on Sunday morning, divided them up by years Sunday night, and sorted them into binders/cases/the overflow box on Monday.  Here are the totals from that sort:

Griffeys Added: 250
New Griffeys: 135
Duplicate Ratio: 1.851

We can tell right away that this will affect the total count favorably due to the lower dup ratio (it stood at 2.445 before the sort).  Here are the results when we merge these with the existing count:

Total: 7942
Unique: 3280
Dup Ratio: 2.421

The dup ratio fell by another 0.024, a step in the right direction for sure.  We also have a new milestone on the horizon for total number of Griffeys.  Perhaps a giveaway is in order...

The overflow box is getting heavy with hard plastic cases.  It's not a problem right now, but as my focus shifts from quantity to quality, this may start giving me trouble.  Not that you'll ever hear me complaining about having too many Griffeys.

Oh, and one last thing: I found a super thick top loader that was the perfect size for that pack of '89 Donruss with the Griffey rookie on the back.  This has little to do with the count - I was just excited to find a storage solution.  Here's how it turned out:

Happy Tuesday!


  1. Very cool! (and I read these posts)

  2. It's my first time reading one of these posts, to be fair, and I'm absolutely overwhelmed by how many Griffeys you have!

  3. I read 'em! Love seeing your collection and how you organize.

  4. I always read these posts. Sooner or later you will slip in a Kate for my eyes, right?