Sunday, August 3, 2014

Foul Bunt Lays Down a Good One: a Trade Post

Will from the great Foul Bunt sent me a sweet stack of Griffeys.  That's something we can all enjoy.

The pile yielded three cards I knew right away I needed.  The first was that September 15th You Crash the Game insert from 1995 Collector's Choice.  It seems to be much rarer than it's July counterpart though I see no indication of such in the insertion ratios.  Maybe it's just luck, and Will has it.  Great find!

While I already have this card, I can't not mention it's inclusion in Will's trade package.  It's just such a cool card.  I want a whole binder page of these to look at.  Sweet picture, crazy sparkly texture, standard dimensions - it's a home run.

I always get a little extra excited when someone sends me a base card I didn't realize I needed.  That Autographics card from Skybox is one such card.  The set was only made for two years, so it's one of those super short timelines that gets overlooked in the shuffle of parallels and inserts that I buy.

And man did Upper Deck make a lot of inserts or what?  This particular one sports a great skyward hero shot.  The vast majority of cards with stadium lights in the frame tend to be great.  The photo here is so good I'd like to see it without the giant team logo.

Thanks for hoarding Griffeys for me, Will!  I've got another trade package in the works for you as I type this.  Hope you like it!


  1. I remember this You Crash The Game set well. One of my all-time favorites. Felt very special to pull one of these cards. This was also before my family got internet, so sometimes I would pull one and the game had already happened, so I had to call my local paper to see if the player hit a HR on that day. They started to get very annoyed with me.

    1. LOL - I had a winner, too. I learned it was so from the little "W" in the Beckett.