Sunday, August 24, 2014

Post Sort-'em

JJHQ is overrun by cardboard at the moment, so before I started pouring over the stacks of cardboard on my desk that need to be dealt with, I decided to go ahead and do a Griffey sort.

Before the sort the numbers were 7,868 total, 3,284 unique, and a dupe ratio of 2.400.  You may notice these numbers are different from the last sort post.  That's because I removed 78 Griffeys from the collection as part of a trade that is currently in the works.  Nothing unique - all dupes.  While I don't normally like to reduce my total number of Griffeys, it had a favorable effect on the numbers and I know those Griffeys will brighten someone's day.

As for today's sort the total number of Griffeys added was 117.  Of those, 63 are new to the collection.  That puts this sort at a duplicate ratio of 1.857.

The new counts are 7,985 total, 3,347 unique, and a collection dupe ratio of 2.386.  We're only 15 cards away from a big milestone, boys!  A celebration is in order.

I don't have any pictures appropriate for this post.  Oh, wait - yes I do:

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