Monday, January 28, 2013

A Blaster of 2013 Topps

 I got a box of 10 packs plus one patch card of 2013 Topps today.  I also got a rack pack for good measure.

And I saved the best card for the end....

Anyway, here we go:

The patch card
More Trouts than a fish market

A few minis, this one says "Rookies."  Cool backs.

The Yount and Killebrew are refractors - they came from the rack pack.
"Calling Card" insert
Here's the flagship - nice Inge.  The blue borders are 2 per pack.

And the backs - looking good

GCRL, I mailed you a huge box of cards today.  I should have waited.  These will be yours eventually.

Green foily versions.

And the best card of all goes to........................

The only card I wanted.....
So much to look at.  Look at the Career Chase at the top.  Awesome card!!!!


  1. Blue bordered cards... Walmart, I take it?

    So much dead space on the upper right corner of the card back.

    I've seen it before, but that Jon Jay card is going to be the card of the year for me.

  2. nice cards i wouldnt mind the pedroia mini if its availabe

  3. Nice pulls!

    The Greenberg is probably my #1 want from 2013 Topps, too. I hope to pull one from my introduction to 2013 Topps (hopefully) tomorrow.

    I LOVE that Inge card, too. Hopefully I'll pull that one.

  4. Nice Trout patch card! I'm not digging the green puke-fractors though...

  5. Great box break and pack rips!

    That's my first Padres sighting of this series, thanks!

    I'm liking the Utley and the Inge.

    Jealous. I can admit it.

  6. Ha! I got the Trout patch too. Blog post coming soon.


  7. But no Griffeys.... :-(

    Most of this is up for trade. For Griffeys, preferably....

  8. Awesome lot!

    I wonder if that Inge card is one of Topps Short-Printed dugout frivolity cards?

    Either way, it's a very cool card!