Thursday, January 10, 2013

My Blogging Experience So Far.....

                                                    My Blogging Experience So Far.....

I started this blog around this time last month.  It's growing slowly, but I really do enjoy writing posts and showcasing my favorite cards from growing up. 

Now, here's a quick State of the Blog after a month of writing The Junior Junkie:


- I missed a lot of changes to the game and the hobby in the 13 years I quit collecting, and I'm starting to see that since I started this blog.  Plus seeing the Kid in a White Sox uniform blew my mind.

We like to have fun here...

- I've met some really nice people in this community that really care about the hobby and aren't just trying to make a buck. It's refreshing as this is not the only collecting community I'm a part of.  It is, however, the most fun.

Let's be best buds.

- I subscribe to a bunch of blogs, but I know there are more out there I should be reading.  If you have a good one, link to it in the comments below.  I will probably add my own blog reading list to the sidebar sometime soon.

What is this card?  Doesn't matter - I totally want one.

- I am currently on the verge of my first trade - I am optimistic, and out-of-my-mind excited to add some new Griffeys to the binders!   I really hope I send the right stuff....

That's not Griffey.  Into the junk pile with you.....

- I still have literally THOUSANDS of cards I want to send to all the bloggers out there.  I think I've settled on breaking them up by team (and possibly decade too), then distributing them accordingly.  If you are interested in a certain team, let me know!  This will take a while, but I'm more than willing to do it.  They're a nuisance, especially if you ask my wife.
Get it running like clockwork.

- I'm currently building a system of organization for my whole collection.  Slowly, it is becoming more organized.  Currently it's divided into 5 sections:

  • Griffeys - Divided up into 5" binders by year, then by quantity and loosely by brand
  • Keepers - These are players and card-types I keep together, everything from John Olerud to  players blowing gum bubbles, to Dan Wilson, to pitchers batting, and everything in between.  Players are arranged alphabetically by last name, and like card-types are all kept together as well.  I will be going through these and picking out the cards I am least willing to trade (which will be very few as I am a Griffey man) and putting them into binders.  The remains will be divided up by team for other bloggers to pick from for Griffey tradin'!
  • Blogger Cards - cards set aside for specific bloggers.  I've been collecting cards for a lot of you fellow bloggers without your knowledge.  Don't feel weird about it, but after reading your blogs, I feel like I'm starting to grok what it is you guys like....and I set them aside until I have enough to merit sending them to you.
  • Junk - Surplus keepers and any other cards that didn't make any of the above piles.  These are to be divided up by team for ease of trading.
  • Sets - I am not a big set collector as I don't have the patience.  However, I do keep '89 Donruss and '89 Upper Deck in their own boxes as I am trying my hand at building just those sets.  Eventually I would  like to obtain sets of '91 Topps, '93 Upper Deck, '95 Upper Deck, and 2012 Topps, but I will probably just buy those (which seems wrong, but is it ever easier).  I currently have 1984 Topps, 1988 Score, 1988 Topps, 1989 Topps, 1989 Donruss, 1989 Bowman, 1990 Topps, and 1990 Bowman, plus a few other small sets with the Griffeys removed.

- At any given time I have around 6 blog posts that I have yet to finish.  I may be trying to put too much into each post as I am a big completionist.  I want to keep everything together, but that's just not feasible.  8 Griffey cards in one post seems like too many for my style of treatment....
Phew.  Blogging is hard work....

- I need a better way of standardizing the way I post Griffey cards.  Lessening the number of cards per post could fix this. Then again, I kind of like having lots of cards in one post.  Still some experimentation to do here.
Don't upset the talent.

- Upper Deck, one of my favorite brands, did some shady stuff that cost them licensing.  I loved their stuff, but that love was always mixed with frustration.  I'd like to read up on what went down here.

1990 Donruss Learning Series #8 Ken Griffey Jr. Front
'Sup, boo?

- Are there any female baseball card bloggers?  Just curious....

- I'd like to give it up for Jeff over at 2 x 3 Heroes for his awesome giveaway!  He posted 100 cards and let anyone pick two, then he mailed them out gratis.  Yes, there was a Griffey that I already have duplicates of, so I chose these guys:

We love our QB down here in NOLA!  And I'm a sucker for reprint and tribute cards.  I will definitely try to duplicate his generosity in the months to come.

Don't be a stranger, brah!

That's it for now - to all who read this: may your bats be swift and your caps be backwards....


  1. I would give you a link to my blog but you said "good blogs" and mine is rarely updated.

  2. To answer the question about female bloggers:

    Cards by Sooz
    Dinged Corners

    Two of the best ones that are either active, or just really good reading.


    JayBee Anama

  3. I tried to leave a comment last night. There are a couple of female bloggers (me included) although all my writing is done on the Beckett blog these days.

    If you have any Jeters that you wanna trade for Griffey, let me know.

  4. Susan: Oh, do I have Jeters. Let's make this happen... I'll e-mail you tonight. Or if you beat me to it, let me know what you are looking for.

    James: Thanks for the info - and keep the Random Topps Card of the Day coming. Are they really random? The day a Griffey gets picked, I'll send you something....

    Adam: I already subscribe to yours! I assure you, there will be swaths of time during which mine will go untended as well.

  5. I don't have many Griffey's, but let me know what other players you might be looking for and let's work out a trade! Not a lot of other Padre bloggers out there, but sometimes they sneak in ahead of me.

    Glad to have another great blog to read! I'm a big Brees fan as well. My first job in high school was at a grocery store in San Diego, and it was across the street from his apartment, so we'd see him occasionally - and his smoking hot fiancé. He was always a classy guy, even as a rookie.


  6. You should check out Julie's blog, Funner Here. She's a Phillies phan.

    By the way, I just added you. I saw your comment about Will Clark on This Way to the Clubhouse's President's Day Box Bonanza. We should make a trade sometime. I collect Rangers and I saw you have a nice 2013 Yu Darvish blue parallel.