Thursday, January 17, 2013

My First Trade!

I received a package today from Marcus over at Backstop Cards who is apparently far more organized and quick to ship than I am.

He put together quite a bunch of cards for yours truly, and I had to laugh out loud when I saw a lot of what he sent.

Here's just a small sampling as it is getting late and my wife and I are leaving for Vegas tomorrow (3rd wedding anniversary/her birthday).  Gotta finish packing and rest.

First, the meat and potatoes:

Six Griffeys, three of which I needed for the binders!  Beautiful.... That Career Day insert is amazing.

Zephyr Field is less than 5 minutes from my house (it is also next door to Saints Headquarters/training camp).  We go all the time - I'm certain I've seen Lance play.

It is amazing seeing the good ol' Zephyr logo on a refracting SP card.  And surreal.  Brings the hobby home which is something I enjoy a lot.  New Orleans is most decidedly not a baseball town.   Come down for Mardi Gras some time and I'll show you what kind of town we are....

And that guy playing basketball is Kenny Lofton.  I was like "whaaaaaa?"  Awesome.

Some great action shots.  Is that Ozzie getting tagged in the face?  Watch it, Kim.  Batiste (ba-teest) is a pretty common name down South.  I know a Kim Batiste.  She is an attractive blonde who works at a doctor's office.  Much cuter that this guy.

You may have noticed I love goofy pictures and funny names.  Marcus obliged me in fine style.  Checkit:

You've got a great BTS (blatant tongue shot), an excellent example of HLLH (Henke looking like Henke), Kinney with visible chawbutt,  Pete looking a little haggard, Troy and his Clutterbuckian stare, and Bo reminding me a lot of Donald Sutherland in Invasion of the Body Snatchers.

And of course, like the average 3rd grader, I have a silly-name fetish.

Ray Liotta - this cracked me up.  We have a movie night with friends on Tuesdays, and this week we watched Cop Land.  That card would have been a hit.

The soccer player's name is Fred.  I thought "Hm, let me flip this baby over and see his full name."  Nope.  Just Fred.  Yikes.

And God forgive me, I giggled very hard at Mr. Stanky.

The bottom left card has a gentleman named Willie Mo Pena.  In my brain, I can't help singing that "Mary Moon" song by Deadeye Dick but with this guy's name instead.  This card designates his position as IF-OF, so I assume Stadium Club forgot to ask somebody and was just guessing there.

Anyhoo, thanks for the awesome cards, Marcus!  In the interest of not keeping you waiting, I may just fill up a Priority Mail box with the Padres I have now and shoot it to you.  If you don't mind waiting just a teensy bit longer, though, you will have a hairy man-stack of Padre cardboard to wile away the hours sorting.


  1. First: congratulations on your third wedding anniversary (and, happy belated b-day to the Ms)!

    Secondly, fantastic blog! Yup, got'ya on the blogroll now so I can start reading more.

    Third, about your trip to the store, I just had one of the same types of trips. I headed to the "local" store (about a 45min - 1hr drive, traffic depending) mainly to get card supplies, but also to flip through the dime bin. As there was no such thing, I blew through over $20 on 30 cards in their "$1 each or 15 for $10" bin. Not quite what I was looking for, but 30+ cards came home (most of them Gwynn and general Padres, yay) so I'm not complaining.

    You definitely scored some great cards!

    I love the Griffey A&G. I hadn't bought the A&G sets hook, line, and sinker. Until recently. ; ) Now I'm building their sets, 2006-2010.

    But, the cards that impress me the most and get me fired up are the Gorzelanny and the Batiste.


    As an aside, I see you have the '89 UD #1 BGS 10 on your "dreaming" want list. Do you already have the PSA 10 or do you prefer BGS grading? I, too, covet that card at that grade as it was the card, after trading Topps cards from the '86 series through '88, that sealed me in the hobby (before my 20+ year stint away).


  2. I don't have any 10-graded rookies yet (except a few BCCS and some off-brand graders). I do have one 9.5 BGS '89 Upper Deck, but that's it. I'd prefer the BGS to PSA because I prefer their slab, but I am in no way prepared to spend the money.

    Those bin cards add up, don't they? Dollar here, dollar there, you can spend 20 bucks very quickly.

    Thanks a bunch for the words! We are back from celebrating in Las Vegas, and I will be getting back to posting new Griffeys directly as well as mailing off some trade stacks....