Tuesday, January 1, 2013

My Collecting Goals for 2013

My Collecting Goals for 2013

My card collecting workspace

I started this blog last month to improve my writing abilities and contribute to the Baseball card blog community I enjoy so well.  If I'm going to stick around here, it's time to focus my efforts and define what it is I plan to accomplish here.

So, here are my goals for 2013.

1. Get Griffeys!

I have over 2000.  I want more.

The Griffey Binders

2. Get an autographed Griffey card

These are expensive.  Not sure if I will trade for this or just put up the cash on eBay.  I will explore my options.

I do already have this:

which my Dad gave me and I love.

3. Watch more baseball and learn who all these guys are 

I used to know them all.  Now I watch a lot of football and some hockey but very little baseball.  Since there's probably going to be little to no hockey and obviously football is ending, this should be easier.

4. Trade with other bloggers

I have no idea the protocol for this, but I am excited to do my first trade.  I just don't know what I have that others want.  How do I keep track of all these cards?

5. Get a system and organize

I have all my old cards in binders alphabetized by player.  Now I have all these new cards and piles of old commons I don't even want to keep.  I need to do something to make them more accessible.  Should I separate by team or set or year or player?  I need some advice here.

6. Don't go crazy with this

I can get crazy with collections.  I need to keep my focus on Griffeys and the handful of other players I like.

7. Post at least 500 Griffey cards to the blog with high-quality scans

I think this is a pretty attainable goal.  I hope my scanner doesn't give out....

8. Get an original Topps Ted Williams card from the 50's for my Dad

I already have this one:

But it is in deplorable condish.  I will wait out the market and see what I can get.

9. Get a solid list together of who I collect

It will probably consist of Cal Ripken, Ozzie Smith, Will Clark, Piazza, Maddux, Randy Johnson, Ron Kittle and a few others I like from my collecting days.  This is be coming soon....

10. Make a reasonable list of the Griffeys I want in my collection

There are some cards I've seen that made me say "Wow - what a great-looking card."  I like the Gallery of Heroes sets, and the Lumber Company Inserts sets,  Finest are nice.  Some Studio and Flair come to mind.  I make a concrete list!  Any suggestions of cool inserts I should look for would be great.

Here are some recent additions I acquired on the bay just because I loved the design so much:

Phew.  That was way too much Griffey awesomeness for one post.

11. Get rid of all these freakin' cards!

I have THOUSANDS of cards in boxes collecting dust.  I don't want them.  What do I do???

12. Learn the ins and outs of Blogger

I want a cool template and logo and pictures and lists in the sidebar.  I'm going to have to explore the inner workings of this beast.  The problem is I'd rather be writing!

That's it.  Here's to a great year!


  1. Good luck with your collecting goals! Who said there was such a thing as too much ambition? :-)

  2. Yeah, having given it more thought, 500 cards posted in 1 year is a lot. But I am up to 6 as of this moment, and I'm feeling saucy.


  3. Hey - hit me up at 2x3heroesATgmailDOTcom. Let's talk about some of the Griffey's I have pulled/posted at "a pack to be named later". I have seen you interested in them, so let's make that happen. Thanks!