Friday, January 25, 2013

A Repack Box for You to Judge

I love other peoples' repack box posts just because it's fun to see what they produce.  I've never seen anything too mind-blowing come out of one, but someday maybe.  That's what the chase is all about....

$20 at Walmart.  And oooooh! O-Pee-Chee!  This is my lucky day - I just know it!

I didn't know Moises was still playing until recently, and look!  A Pitcher batting!  Gotta love it....

So many throwback cards nowadays, but I enjoy them.  That Seaver is a refractor of some kind.  And who else is excited about 42 - the Jackie Robinson movie?
One of two new presidential cards that this box produced.

Can't argue with a Babe Ruth, and that Ichiro is sweet.  I am really getting to like that guy as a result of my card collecting.  The one-name gimmick has totally worked on me.

Some great leaping double plays that will be making their way to gcrl.

I gather that he is the big star on the scene these days, the way Griffey and Frank Thomas were in the mid-90's, but who collects his cards?  I have a few, but I would gladly trade them all for some Griffeys, man!  Griffeys are the best!

That Jeter is going in a pile for Sooz, and I ALWAYS seem to get a few Prince Fielders.  I got his Upper Deck Gold rookie numbered out of some super-low number and a fistful of other P. Fielders.  Who collects this guy?  This is information I need.....

A pair of Posadas, and I seem to remember somebody around here collecting Ethiers.  Also, sweet award card....

That's the 2nd of this Koufax I've pulled, so one is for trade; and a great JFK for my presidents collection.  But the real star here is Sutter's sweet 'stache and Archie Bunker grin.

I have no idea what this set is.  I mean, I remember this design on some UD subset cards in the 90's but never thought much of it.  They made a whole line out of this design??  Stretching for nostalgia much?  Anyway, look at my Pudge.

Another Jeter for Sooz.  His face gets bigger every year.  He's really staring to look like Quagmire.

Another Frank Robinson and a Verlander.  I hear he's also quite good at baseball.

According to Beckett, this card is worth ten bucks.  So, if you would like to send me $10 as a gift via paypal, I will put you in the drawing..... Or we can trade for some Griffeys.  Speaking of which, were there any Griffeys in this box at all?

You bet your sweet bippy!  There's your $40 value!

Now, no more new posts until I mail out some trade fodder.  Watch your mailboxes, people!


  1. Nice finds! Love the Masterpieces cards, definitely one of my favorite "modern" sets of all-time.

  2. That was a sweet repack box. And that Fukadome is still booking that high? That's crazy.

  3. Not too shabby for a repack, which I always get complete junk out of.

  4. Beckett seems to overvalue a certain group of rookie cards in Upper Deck's set every year as some group of quasi-short printed cards, when I don't believe there's any evidence that those rookie cards are any harder to come by than anything else in the set.

    Anyway, Fukudome is about as awesome as cold toast, but you might be able to find some interest from people that collect Asian players. He's back in Japan after failing with four separate MLB teams.

  5. Heck yeah! This is a great repack break, congrats!

    I'm coveting the Lou Gehrig, and the Topps lineage of Robinson is all class. I hadn't seen the Koufax masterpiece. I like it.

    "You bet your sweet bippy! There's your $40 value!" Hahaha! Nice one. You got your Jr. and that always makes the break worth it, when you get your PC.

    Good break.

  6. Yeah, some poor Cubs collector is getting that Fukudome in an eventual trade with me and doesn't even know it yet....poor sap.

    Underdog, I don't believe we've traded yet....that Gehrig is yours for the taking.