Thursday, July 11, 2013

This Way to the Heroes: a Trade Post

Before we get to the PWE's I received recently, a very famous baseball card was featured recently on the new Looney Tunes Show.  I took a picture of the screen:

I know it's tacky to snap a picture of the television - maybe I just wanted it to be the top picture in this post.  I also used to tape songs off the radio.  Yeah, I'm way old.

I have been lax in my trading/mailing/blogging duties these past few weeks as I overhaul the way my collection is assembled.  It was getting complicated and kind of not fun, so changes were needed.  I'll go into those later - for now, here are the great cards I received from some awesome fellow bloggers:

First up, Mark from This Way to the Clubhouse sent me a PWE with these in it:

What a sweet design.  I was definitely missing this one.

The superman card

The hero shot - one of his best.

Man, do I ever love coming home to an envelope full of cards.  Thanks, Mark!  Your blog remains awesome.....

Jeff of 2 x 3 Heroes also sent me some Griffey goodness, including one I didn't even know I was missing:

I thought I had all these - two of my favorite players.  Great card....

Also these - that may be my favorite Senior card.  Sure beats the '89 Bowman television one.  Blech.

Jeff's blog is also among the best, so you should read it, consarnit.....

Thanks, Jeff!


  1. Nice to unknowingly hit a want. I thought that was a snazzy card to pull from a repack box a month or so back.

  2. Mad Dog and Junior - quite the combo. These Marquee Matchups are a great set of cards....though Maddux as a Padre which will always creep me out.