Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Wallet Card Wednesday: Big Ol' Photo Dump Edition

The last few weeks of Wallet Card Wednesday will be themed (kind of), so it's late enough in the year now that I can unload all those photos that haven't yet made it into a post for one reason or another. For example, this fridge full of beer.

Wallet Card Wednesday by definition does not happen on a Friday, so this photo never stood a chance.

 Yeah, that's only 50cc. Not that impressive. Hence, doesn't get its own post.

This was a trip to the safe deposit box before my security overhaul. Lots more cards in there now, far too many for a photo. Still, a few gems here.

Mega Man 2 night.

This was the first dime box I ever came across. I found a solid 2-3 bucks worth of cards, too.

Good book.

We got a new whiskey bar in the city.

 But the muffaletta place will never change. 

This should have been posted around Easter, but somehow it just didn't make it through. Still, thanks, Mom.

I drew this on the sidewalk all by myself.

Big sushi dinner.

Fun with beer.

Some of these don't really need an explanation...

One of those super fancy car washes.

I built that rubber band ball for 20 years. I took this photo right before finally throwing it out. It lives on in Wallet Card.

Watermelon Jello shots taken way too far...

And finally, the Kastleburger, king of the late night munchies. This was the night the Griffey started smelling like carmelized onion and mustard.

Wallet Card Wednesday is going to go out with a bang, I promise. Until then, thanks for looking.


  1. Working the way back up....

    a) Kastleburger - so a Slider wannabe.

    b) TRI COLOR FOAM!!!! My daughter loves that.

    c) You make your better half hold Wallet Card in the face hole of some hot Latina body?

    d) For all the beer you talk about and you stock that much shitty Lite? -10 manna.

    e) Love the safety deposit photo, but what's the specialness of the two '91 Topps at about 8:30 in the photo? I don't see any foil, so I'm thinking they are not Desert Storm parallels.

    1. A) what's a slider?
      B) TCF FTW!
      C) that's my buddy's fiancée, but had my better half been there, yes I would have made her do it
      D) I didn't buy the Lite - my stuff is on the top shelf.
      E) those are Tiffany - no Desert Storm...yet

    2. Slider =

      Come up sometime and we'll grab a sack. Then we can grab the toilet a few hours later when it works it's way (quickly) through the digestive tracks.

  2. Dude, you've already won. Now your are lapping the rest of us.

    Oh, and the #WalletCard is not invited in the birth delivery room. I know you're going to want to, but no.

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  4. Dude that Kastleburger looks delicious.