Wednesday, October 9, 2013

2000 Upper Deck Black Diamond: Inserts for a New Millenium

2000 Upper Deck Black Diamond #76

In my collection: 5 regular, 2 Diamonation, 2 Diamond Might

Griffey looks: spiritually connected to his bat

Is this a good Griffey card?  Yes.  The best base card from an OK set with some bangin’ inserts.

The set: This card features foil and chromium in more structured, geometric textures than that in the previous year’s set.  The horizontal lines, bathroom-floor checkerboard tile, and a sad little nameplate don’t exactly leap off the card, and the whole package end up coming across dark and sterile.  The coloring in the Tetris-tile background helps a little though it doesn’t come out in the scan, and the die-cut parallels are OK; but overall the base design is not a home run.

Tetris, anyone?

Junior appears to be on-deck here, or possible taking a moment in the batter's box.  He is using this time to connect spiritually with his signature black bat like Pedro Cerrano from the Major League movies.  No chickens were harmed in the making of this card.

This set does have one remarkable redeeming quality: the inserts.  They’re beautiful.  Plenty of gleaming holofoil, shiny refracted light, and effects in every color of the rainbow await you in a land of prancing leprechauns and unicorn magic delights.

2000 Upper Deck Black Diamond Diamonation #D1

Look at that.  This is what God had in mind when He created the insert: absurdly cool, shiny, colorful, light-refracting, somehow-still-cardboard works of art.  This thing reflects light in lovely and complex angles on the front like that laser web Catherine Zeta-Jones had to karate through in Entrapment.  You can find this insert at several websites for cheap; go grab one of your favorite player.
In case you were wondering, Diamonation means he will dominate you with diamonds.  He will throw diamonds at you until you submit, and diamonds are sharp.  He is a diamonator.  We are dia-submissive-mond.  

2000 Upper Deck Black Diamond Diamond Might #M1

Check out this rainbow sandwich.  Holofoil, cool lettering, gold foil all over the place - this is a seriously fun insert.  And check out Junior calling his shot.  He’s pointing with his bat as if to say “I’m going to bunt, and the ball is going to land right there and hopefully not bounce too far.” Let's hope the infield didn't notice.

Here are the cards from 2000 Black Diamond I am missing:

#76 Final Cut
#76 Reciprocal Cut
Barrage #B2
Constant Threat #T1
A Piece of History #JR
A Piece of History Double #JR
A Piece of History Triple #JR

Only one more set would be made under with the Black Diamond brand.  It would also come in 2000, but late enough that 1) they got a shot of Junior on the Reds and 2) maybe collectors forgot that this set already came out once this year?  It’s all very convoluted.

Join us next time for 2000 Upper Deck Black Diamond: Part Deux.

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