Tuesday, October 15, 2013

This Way to Joe Average Card Collector's House: a Trade Post

Mark from This Way to the Clubhouse PWE'd me this amazing Griffey from the 2013 Topps Archives set modeled after the great basketball set from 1972.

I love the clean, colorful design here.  Great insert.  Thanks, Mark!  I already have some cards with your name on them (literally, I wrote your name on the penny sleeve).

Jason from Joe Average Card Collector did a thing where you donate money to a kickstarter that is trying to raise autism awareness, and he sends you a Wade Boggs rookie.  I mention this not to toot my own horn (my donation was clearly incentivized), but to show Jason's generosity and because I believe in the cause.  I have a number of friends who are on the Autism spectrum, and I know that when it comes to autism it's really all about awareness, so I gave to Jason's charity of choice, www.willowhope.com.  Here's that Boggs rookie:

That's not cropped to make it look better - the edges and corners are sharp as can be.  He also threw in some Griffeys:

There's also a excellent book called The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time by Mark Haddon that gives a unique perspective on how the condition affects the thinking and lifestyle of kids.  Whether you have someone with autism in your life or not, it's a great read.

I have been setting aside every Rockies insert and serial-numbered card I come across.  I'll have them out to you soon-ishly.  Thanks, Jason!

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