Tuesday, October 15, 2013

LCS Dollar Griffeys Plus a Big Mystery Box Hit

I do two things when I go to my LCS: flip through the dollar baseball box and pick up a few mystery long boxes.  Here are just a few choice items from each.

A dollar is worth it for just about any slabbed Griffey, but this one is pretty cool.  I think he probably put this in there especially for me to find.  There was also a slabbed '90 Fleer Sosa rookie, but who cares?

These also came from the dollar box, and while I already had two of these, the big news is that I didn't have the other two.  That High School card is obviously not genuine, and it's the fourth variation of it I've come across.

Now I am consistently happy with what ends up in the mystery boxes.  I always get a few gems and tons of trade fodder, but this time I wound up with a super rare card I doubt he intended to go into that box:

Shiny Sandberg.  Great start, but that's not all.  Check out the back:

See it?  Here's a close-up:

It's numbered out of only five.  I love Sandberg, but if I can sell this puppy and use the proceeds to snap up a couple Griffeys, I'm more than willing.  I checked a Beckett (yes, I have a Beckett), and they apparently don't even list parallels this rare.  What do I charge for it?

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