Wednesday, October 23, 2013

A PWE From the Dollar Store

Doug of the excellent blog Sports Cards From the Dollar Store sent me Griffeys and Saints.  I don't know where he is getting Saints cards up there in Canada.  Oh, wait.  Yes I do.

This may be the greatest Griffey sticker I've ever seen.  Classic uniform, great candid shot, blindingly sparkling.  I want ten more of these so I can start sticking them places like inside my eyelids.


 When/what is National Baseball Card Day?  I want to be a part of it.

I'm not certain Ingram is going to be with the 'aints much longer.  A lot of locals wish we had kept Ivory, and judging from his peformance this weekend, they may have been right.  The other guy here couldn't pay for a meal in this town if he wanted to.  Even I bought him a beer once at a sushi place in my hometown of Metairie.  That was a fun day.

I haven't familiarized myself with all the new talent yet, but here's hoping these guys work out.  The Saints have had their share of defensive trouble, but luckily they're finally turning it around.  I'll be watching for these two.

Thanks again, Doug!  I'll be sending you some Mookies and Delgados....

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