Monday, November 2, 2015

500th Post Giveaway Results!

We have a winner!

Before I reveal the winner's name, I'd like to write a little something here that many folks will no doubt skip right over (which I get - I've done it, too). There are two reasons for this extra-wordy paragraph: first, I'm filling up space in the Blogger header so you have to click on the link to find out who won. The other reason is a little more devious on my part. If you read the instructions on the original giveaway post, you may have noticed I said "read this post, then comment on it" in bold. The reason for this is that I gave folks who actually read the content of the post a huge advantage. I revealed that the random generator would be limited to numbers between 401 and 500. Looking back that was kind of mean, especially to those who submitted a guess before reading the post (which I've also done). Again, I'm also guilty of skipping content to enter a contest - I think a lot of us are. I was just being curious (and sinister). I promise I won't be so tricky again on this blog. Of course if you skipped reading the content of the original post, you probably skipped this one, too, which means you will never even know about the little trick I played, anyway.

OK, here's the random number as promised:

Sport Card Collectors wins the thing with a guess of 460! Congratulations, SCC! I've added your blog to my blogroll. And I see that you post A LOT. Where do you find the time?

Shoot me an electronic mail at thejuniorjunkie at gmail dot com with your address and what you collect, and I'll get right on that.

Thanks for reading.


  1. Oh man, I read it, it just didn't sink in. Devastated. I'm never entering another contest ever again. At least not until the next one. Congrats to SCC...

    1. :-( Next one is right around the corner! Junior's b-day is in less than a month...

  2. Just saw this sweet!

    Thanks for the contest! Yes I do post often but I take out one day a week to do a weeks worth of posts. I appreciate being added to your blogging list :)

    Things will be changing on my blog soon because of the daily posts and my time schedule but will still be daily :)

  3. Congratulations Sports Card Collectors... and congrats TJ on reaching 500 posts. Keep 'em coming.