Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Wallet Card Wednesday: Banksy Edition

We were lucky enough to get a visit from graffiti artist Banksy back in 2008. I drive by this particular piece twice a day on Carondelet St. Uptown. One day I finally took the time to pull over, park, and snap a few pics of it.

Here in NOLA we have an anti-graffiti vigilante called "The Grey Ghost" who is infamous for covering up all fresh graffiti, regardless of whether the building owners want him to or not, with ugly gray paint. There was a time when people were rooting for the Ghost, but nowadays I hear more complaints than praise. The owners of this particular wall covered Banksy's work with Plexiglas to prevent the Ghost from getting at it. This is hilarious because one of the only pieces the Ghost can't remove is one that's poking fun at him personally.

You can see all of Banksy's work in New Orleans here. The most famous work that came from his visit, entitled simply "Nola," has become quite a smash in the art world. A 22" x 30" paper print of the piece recently sold for over $24,000. No wonder someone posing as a contractor tried to remove the entire wall one of the original Nola's was painted on.



  1. Banksy is awesome but I also rooted for Wanksy. The guy who drew dicks around potholes and other such things so people took notice and the towns/communities worked fast to fix them.

  2. Lol on Wanksy. I never heard of him.
    Very cool covering some Banksy in a card blog. Digging it!

  3. Banksy work is awesome, I wonder if he will ever come out of the darkness to let the world know who he is?