Tuesday, December 3, 2013

John From Florida is a Trading Saint

Do you guys know John?  He lives in Florida and is awesome.  He runs this place, and is about to get a bunch of Braves dropped in his mailbox.  Watch out!

I really enjoy this set.  I think it's the way they do the colors.  This Clark just looks...official.  Good on you, Donruss.

 Here's a nice couple of Chucks, which I call a Chuckle.

And THAT, my friends, is a NEW GRIFFEY!  Do not have that Upper Deck card on the left, now I do.  Wimmy wam-wam-wozzle.  Let's party.

And there's that colorful Donruss set again, bein' cool.

 A pair from 2000 Victory - this set frickin' worshipped our guy, diddnit?  No complaints...

Last but not least we have a nice stack of modern-day Saints.  John's fantasy QB is Drew Brees.  He's also my city's actual QB which is usually a good thing.  Even he couldn't help us this past Monday Night, but usually he's pretty good.  And I love that one of Devery in his LSU uniform.  I miss that guy...

Thanks, John!  Big box o' Braves coming your way....

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