Tuesday, December 3, 2013

One Healthy Trade Envelope


Here is one of the greatest notes I've ever gotten in a trade envelope.  It's from Jeff of the great blog 2 x 3 Heroes.  I went back to the post where I first asked Jeff for this card to see what I said, and, well....I said bro.  I guess I'm a bro guy. Coulda been worse apparently.

Regardless, this patch is amazing and very, very healthy I assure you.  No diseases here.  We are all very excited about Mr. Stills here in NOLA, so this is one I was truly excited to pull from the mail.  Thanks a ton, Jeff!

Oh, wait...

A nice batch of Cincy-era Griffeys, too!  I'm having a tough time deciding what is the icing here and what is the cake.  Thanks again, Jeff!


  1. Well, the 2013 Update variation I posted about last week is yours if you want it (and you don't already have it). I'm a Rangers and Bryce Harper guy. Lemme know.


    1. I recently acquired that one, but thanks for the offer! We should trade anyway...