Monday, June 17, 2013

Card Show Booty! June 8th, 2013

You already read the title.  Let's jump right in:

Say it with me: YIKES.

Brian Hansen and Morten Anderson, both kickers for the Saints, got together and founded Kicks Records.  This 45, their label's premier release, is a rare and beautiful treasure.  I spun it the minute I got home. 

Have you ever seen Boogie Nights?  You know the scene where they're doing a bunch of coke and recording that song "You've got the touch....." and neither guy can really sing and the harmonies are off and the backing track is just as electro-cheesepop as can be?  Yeah, that.

We love Morten in New Orleans, but damn.

All these cards have one thing in common, and it is the subject of a huge upcoming blog post.  Stay tuned for that....

I bought these because they were dirt cheap and hilarious.....

This box of '89 Donruss was in amazing condition and only cost five bucks.  I was quick to snap it up in the hope of pulling a pristine Griffey rookie.  Sadly it didn't happen.  This is the second box of '89 Donruss I'm broken with no #33's to be had.  The cards I did pull were absolutely flawless with pristine edges and corners and perfect surfaces.  Still, it was fun tearing into all that wax.  Great smell.

This box from 1990 was another $5 find I couldn't pass up.  Plus it was something else to aid me in my pack-ripping addiction.

I was able to assemble the entire set of 200 cards with this one box with plenty of cards left over.  Here's a few to give you an idea of what they looked like:

The school mascot is Mike VI now.  One of our close friends was his vet for two years, so I've gotten to spend some close-up time with Mike in the indoor part of his enclosure.  We fed him horse meat.  It was neat.

This was a very exciting find for me as I am a big Albert Brooks fan.  If you haven't see Defending Your Life with him, Rip Torn and Meryl Streep, I highly recommend it.  The guy is hilarious.

So that's it.  I came home with zero Griffeys.  Not a one.  I tried with that '89 Donruss box, but to no avail.  Maybe next month....


  1. If you got any Diamond Kings doubles in that Donruss box, I might be able to take a few off your hands.

    JT, The Writer's Journey

    1. I assemble '89 Donruss sets as a hobby totally separate from regular card collecting. I'm certain I have plenty.....

      Shoot me an e-mail if there are any in particular you need.

  2. Glad to hear you built a complete set out of the LSU Collegiate Collection box. I've busted a box of Notre Dame and a box of Oklahoma State and came up short each time.

    And love seeing Staub in his Expos uniform.

    1. I got worried it wouldn't happen - got down to the last pack to pull the final card.