Friday, June 14, 2013

Proper Bipped: a Trade Post

One of my more frequent trading partners of late has been Matt from Red Cardboard.  I send him Reds and he sends me Griffeys.  They are especially appreciated as close to 100% of the pre-retirement card he sends me are Reds-era which is exactly when I wasn't collecting.  I always end up with a bunch of new-to-me specimens of Griffitude.
This week Matt sent me the cardboard equivalent of a steak dinner.  Check it out:

2013 cards!  These get me very excited as I don't open packs like I used to.  These are also the first Griffeys I've seen in person from 2013 Archives.

I spotted a bunch of base cards I was missing which is a big help.  I sometimes start posts for sets I don't have the base cards for then I go to scan the thing and find it's not there.  Very embarassing....

Have you ever gotten a card and it's parallel in the same stack?  It's like finding true love.

I'm going to have to sit down and see where I stand on the complete set of UD Griffey Gallery.  I bet I'm very close if not there by now.....

Matt has a great blog you should read, and he is obviously a generous trader.  Then again, you should also know that he bipped the living hell out of me.  I would show the savage bipping here, but there might be children reading this.  Plus I'd rather use the cardboard ordinance I received to bip someone else and let it be a surprise.

Now that "bip" is a verb I don't have to capitalize, right?

Thanks, Matt!

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