Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Cards on Cards sends Yards and Yards of Cards, with Regards

Kerry aka madding of Cards on Cards and his special lady have a list of player collections I'm constantly pulling cards for.  I don't quite have it memorized, but being that I'm so keen on looking for excuses to shed cards, Kerry always seems to have some cardboard in the ol' trade stack. 

Kerry sent me a bunch of Griffeys in a used pack wrapper so it felt like opening a Griffey hot pack.  It was super fun, especially since I'd never seen some of the Griffeys he sent:

That is a 2003 Leaf Passing Through Time.  This subet has a reprint of the Leaf card from ten years prior on the back.  I would show you, but that would ruin the 2003 Leaf post that is sure to come later.  That Fleer throwback design is also a great card with a great picture.

The Lumber Company cards are one of the greatest inserts Fleer ever put out, but that Select Certified card was a real surprise.  It has a film on it that's just begging to be removed, and the back is printed upside down necessitating a vertical flip from the front.  I've only ever seen that on error cards.

It looks like the maddings have also been squirrelling away Chuck Finleys for me.  There are a couple here that I didn't even know existed:

I love preview cards.  They feel so naughty and forbidden.  That Sports Illustrated card is also completely new to me. 

Madding has a wealth of knowledge about the card industry and always has something constructive to add to my own posts.  His blog is a staple in the community and his strength of character is a beacon of hope in the otherwise bleak and unforgiving landscape of the Internet.  He also likes airbrushed cards.

Thanks, Kerry!


  1. Regular Griffey had better look out for the shadowy Creeper Griffey looking over his shoulder on that Select Certified card.

    1. That is so getting talked about when I do the post for this set....