Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Hey, Look What I Bought: a Trip to the LCS

When I was a kid and I went to the card shop, I was pretty excited to have ten bucks to spend.  I would pick up a couple of packs and maybe a Griffey base card for three bucks, and that would be it.  Now in the days of adult pay checks and credit cards and such, I am able to score hauls that 13-year-old me would have done that awkward adolescent overreaction for.

Case in point: my LCS had a big ol' box of dollar cards, and I went through every one.  Here's what I landed:
NINE '89 Donruss rookies.  Didn't think twice about snagging these.
A trio of sweaty '89 Fleer rookies.

Leo Durocher got kicked out of 95 games in his career as a manager.  I've never been able to find an affordable Bob Uecker card (in case you live under a rock he's the foul-mouthed, whiskey-swilling commentator for the Indians in the movie Major League).  It cracked me up that there's a white Frank Thomas who also played pro ball, and that is a Willie Mays card for a dollar.  Couldn't pass that up.  Plus that one dude's name is Pie.  That's funny.


Here we have two great Frank Thomas rookies, two Piazza rookies, and a Michael Jordan pre-rookie.  New Orleans may be the only place that Will Clark could sell for a dollar.  Also a signed Kent Hrbek rookie, a nickname-signed "Shotgun" Shuba, and a vintage Ruth/Aaron/Mays card from before Hank's breaking fo the HR record.  That last one blew my mind.  I don't actually know the value, but it's got to be more than a dollar, right?

That's it for the dollar cards.  The following are from a ten dollar 800-count mystery long box.  These have produced some great stuff int he past, and overall this one was no different:

These were in cases taped to the front of the box.  They were not a mystery.

There was a ton of 1995 stuff in that box, particularly Stadium Club and Upper Deck (some of my favorite sets).  Plus a Tino rookie I didn't have and a Will Clark cameo on a Joey Cora card.

This is a small selection of the '95 UD cards.  Not bad.....

There was a stack of 50 or so '95 Pinnacle Zenith as well, all of them pretty good cards.

Plus these....

.....and a couple of these playing cards.

This box has been pretty good, but were there Griffeys..........?

You bet your sweet bippy there were Griffeys.

He also had a box of dollar packs that uncluded a bunch of Bowman from the 2000's.  I picked up two packs of Bowman and two of Topps Stars which I had never opened before.

Crazy textures, and all the cards are serial numbered.  These were fun to open.

Yadier Molina rookie from a pack of Bowman.

That was it from my LCS.  I did also find myself on the Westbank this past weekend and ended up stopping at a card shop we spotted in a strip mall.  There wasn't much to be had, but I found these that I needed:

My first successful trip to the WBCS (Westbank Card Shop).

Card shops down here are not at all baseball-oriented, so hauls like this tend to be few and far-between.  I feel like I hit the lottery right now.

Happy Tuesday, everybody......!


  1. That Mays in a dollar box is an unbelievable find! As is the '56 Topps Thomas!

    Love the Uecker as well, I've always wanted to pick up a copy of that card. And the '95 UD Jordan has always been one of my favorites.

    Fantastic pickups all around!

    1. Do you already have the Jordan card?

    2. Yeah, someone sent it to me a few months ago. It's a great one!

  2. Those nine Donruss Griffey rookies remind me of my Griffey collecting heydey. Up through 92 (I think), I had a page of each of his regular issued card, so nine UD rookies, nine Topps Traded, etc. And I remember the joy of busting through TONS of wax to find Griffey rookies; the feeling never got old. Never ever.

    Do you have any of the Griffey candybars?

    1. I'm on the fence about buying the actual candy bars, but I do have all three colors of cards they made based on the wrapper design.

      I used to pull at least one RC per box of '89 Donruss but struck out on the last two. The universe owes me.....

  3. Wow... nice dollar finds. Especially in love with that 66T Uecker, 56 Thomas, and the 82D Hrbek autograph.

    1. The Hrbek surprised me, too, especially when I realized it was a rookie card.