Thursday, March 7, 2013

2013 Topps Giveaway Update

They Might Be Giants are playing the House of Blues tomorrow (Friday) night.  This means I will have less time than I thought to put together everybody's PWE's from my 2013 Topps Set Builders Giveaway.

So, if you want your cards faster, shoot me your request today to so I can assemble your envelope tonight and mail it on Saturday.  Otherwise while you will still get it, it will take an extra few days.

I have gotten a bunch of requests so far that will all be honored!  I'm glad to help folks out and put some excess cardboard to good use.


  1. Thanks a lot for reading my e-mail. This is blogger generosity at its finest.

  2. No fair. They don't play Portland until June.

  3. Love those guys. Enjoy the show.