Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Assenmacher and Serpico: a Trade Post

I received a pair of trade packages in the mail this past week from a couple of baseball card blogging all-stars.  Take a gander:

This first one came from Jim over at gcrl.   He's crazy about the Dodgers and double-play cards (of which I have another stack saved up), and he seems to know what I like.

I've always been a Maddux fan ever since my lttle league team was the Braves.  That Cy Young Winner card on the top right has always been a favorite, as has the '89 Topps.

The Thrill - that Bowman card on th right is a new one on me.

A pitcher at the plate!  I normally send these to Dime Box Nick, but this one stays...

My favorite Upper Deck set and a numbered SPx - yes. 

That is some kind of hat/hockey hybrid Franken-mullet. 
This will fit nicely in my Bad Hair Day collection.  Great name, too.

Have I mentioned I also collect Griffeys?

This is the one-per-box 5" x 7" checklist.  That hologram is huge!

I've never see a Black & Gold redemption card before.  It's got a tiny little Griffey on it.  Part of me wants to cut it out, and if this were 20 years ago I probably would....

I have pulled these out of repack boxes before, and they look amazing.  I've never seen the Griffey before.  This was a very exciting find!

Thanks, Jim!  I've got a healthy stack of double-play cards I'm mailing to you Saturday.

If you read Nachos Grande you may have seen his series of Topps Heritage American Heroes.  It's a very cool set I'd like to pick up someday.  You may also know that Chris puts up growing trade stacks you can claim if you have cards to trade him.  Well, I'm sitting on a trove of Barry Larkins, and he posted this guy:

It was my buddy Jason's birthday Tuesday.  He and I pride ourselves on the wacky presents we get for each other (for Christmas I got him an autographed photo of Michael Dukakis).  Jason is positively obsessed with Serpico.  The man, the story, the Pacino movie - all that.  When Mr. Grande posted this card, I pounced.  I also nabbed a few others from the same stack including a Roger Clemens and a Vince Coleman among others, but the star of the show was Detective Frank Serpico. 

I was then inspired to hop on eBay and pick up this relic for pretty cheap:

It's gonna be fun to give these to Jason!  I appreciate the help, Chris.

Oh, Chris has stickers, too.  How cool is that?

Thanks again, Chris!  We should do a proper trade involving lots of cards.  I have stacks of Reds an no intention of hanging on to them.  I need to do a better job of shedding cardboard weight.  I think I'll work on a mass trade strategy today.

Happy hump day, everybody!


  1. The Serpico is one of my personal favorites from the American Heritage Heroes checklist. Nice pickup with that Finley "pitcher at the plate", I'll have to keep my eye out for that one!

  2. Tj I'm glad the cards got there. I'm working on some mire griffeys and I'm glad some if the ones I sent were new for you.

    Nick I almost sent that finley to you but its not often I come across a finley collector.

  3. If I come across another of that Finley, it goes to Nick. Nick, I've got a healthy stack coming your way soon enough....!

    That sounded dirtier than I'd like.