Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Larry the Legend and Possibly Bill Murray: a Trade Post

[Note: for an update on Bill Murray's true identity, click here.]

I received two amazing trade packages recently.

Let me rephrase that: I received one amazing trade package and one massive, hairy carton of face-melting Griffey uberspooge that called forth tears of joy and excitement beyond human capacity.  Also, there was drooling.

Now I have to go to the doctor and get a new face.

Larry the Legend of Emerald City Diamond Gems hooked it up fat - here's the box he sent me.

That card on top is a beauty - a 2012 Topps Commemorative Ring card.  I've wanted one of these since I first learned about them.  I'm glad he put it on top as it set the tone for the rest of the box.  Otherwise I may have had a stroke.

I didn't scan every card, but the only ones I didn't scan are the ones I knew for a fact I already had.  If you like perusing scans and pictures of little plastic figures, this section is for you.

That ring card - this thing is mighty thick.

This figurine is very flat on the edge, but appears 3-dimensional from both the front and back.

Here's the back.

Wacky circular card I forgot to scan.

I've been wanting a phone card for a while now, and that Stadium Club Never Compromise has tectured writing printed right into the background.  Wild..

The ever-popular Topps Laser, an awesome newspaper card, and I am loving this 1991 Topps All-Star with its great nostalgic design.
That orange one on the top left is a rookie.  I have a ton of You Crash the Game cards from buying lots of Collector's Choice, but this one I've never seen.  The Topps Gallery Exhibitions has some crazy texture stuff going on, and I can't get enough Flair.

Some shiny, some oddballs, a few that are definitely new to me.

I'm a sucker for the Chrome process.

Serial Numbered Topps Gold parallels FTW!  And this Upper Deck '89 tribute card is fantastic.

These American Hero cards are all numbered out of 725.  I have quite a few of them and hope to one day complete the set.  These four will help.

And two entirely new Will Clarks.  I've never seen either of these.  Very cool.

Larry is a Mariner collector.  If you read his blog, you'll see that he has almost every Mariner card.  He's getting very close.  As a card collector and a Mariner fan, I freakin' love that.  From this day forth I will be sending him all my Mariners.  You should too.

Thanks, Larry!

This next trade package is a bit of a mystery.  There was no note, no name, nothing indicating the sender except for the initials W M and an address.  I've scoured my e-mails, messages, comments, everywhere!  No W M. 

This person sent me a solid stack of Griffeys, many of which I have never seen.  I'd like to return the favor, give them a nod, something.  Who are you, mystery trader???

Could it be William Murray?  As in Bill Murray?  Is it you, Bill?  If so, I loved Groundhog Day and Rushmore....

Here's what Bill Murray sent me:

Look at the picture on that 1999 Ultra checklist.  What a goofball.

I've never heard of Topps HD, but this card looks and feels expensive.  Penny sleeved....

One with a coin, one without.  I have neither, so a welcome addition.  I'ma  bit of a coin collector, too, so this makes perfect sense.

I feel bad now.  These cards are beautiful.  This person deserves my gratitude and a nice trade package.  Then again, if they are looking to remain anonymous I can understand that. 

Until I have more information, mystery trader, I dub thee Bill Murray.  Many thanks, Mr. Murray.

Don't drive angry.


  1. I'm glad you were able to find some good stuuf in there. I tried to send you some stuff that wasn't just plain old base cards. I figured you had enough of those. I will try to sit down soon, and go through the rest of my M's cards and see if I can find you some other cool ones.

    I got your box that you sent. That thing was awesome!! I was blown away with the 91 UD Update cards. I thought those would be the death of me to find. Some of your cards got me a little closer to completing the set. I hope with only 89 to go, I might do it before midseason. We will hope up again soon!!