Friday, March 1, 2013

Ken Griffey, Jr. is doing it right.

In the workaday world that is Griffey admiration, it's easy to forget that every once in a while you've just got to come out and say "Hey, in case you were wondering, Griffey is awesome, guys.  I mean he is totally rockin' awesome.  Just FYI."

Here is the article from Yahoo that prompted this post:

Ken Griffey Jr. calls fan in Kansas who had items stolen from extensive baseball card collection

That's right.  Not just an excellent baseballer, but also a nice guy who loves his kids and gives a darn about his fans.  What more could we ask for?

Also, how scary is that title?  I don't know what I'd do......  I wish I'd known about this sooner - I've got some duplicates for this man.

Way to go, Junior.  You're doin' it right.

[Edit: Oops - looks like Ryan from Oh No Another Orioles Blog beat me to posting a link to this article.  His blog is great, despite his not mentioning Griffey in every post.  Nice writeup, Ryan!]


  1. I should have let you post the article since you are "THE Griffey Guy". But both of us posting about the article definitely says a lot about how revered he is as a human and was as a player! I'll leave a bulk of the Kid posting to you from now on since you are more of an SME than I am.

  2. No, no. Please, The Kid belongs to the world. Let us all share in his Griffeyness....