Tuesday, March 19, 2013

All Griffeys Great and Small: Quality Meats and a Mystery Solved

I always seem to get trade packages on Mondays, which is cool because it makes them suck less. 

First, old business.  Remember that trade post wherein I had no idea who sent me that stuff, and I decided it was probably Bill Murray? 

Turns out I was wrong.

The generous Griffey-mailing culprit is none other than renowned blogger Wes from Jaybarkerfan's Junk!  He's a Braves collector, which means he is about to get mail-pounded with red and blue cardboard.

Here's another look at what he sent my way:

Look at the picture on that 1999 Ultra checklist.  What a goofball.

I've never heard of Topps HD, but this card looks and feels expensive.  Penny sleeved....

One with a coin, one without.  I have neither, so a welcome addition.  I'ma  bit of a coin collector, too, so this makes perfect sense.

Thanks, Wes!  You're in my address book now, so here's to many successful trades to come....

Kerry from Cards on Cards sent me some beautiful Upper Deck Griffeys and a few other surprises.  Check 'em out!

I already had one of these, but it was in horrible condition.  These are minty fresh.

Kerry posted that Buhner a few weeks ago and I drooled in the comments (Buhner and I have a platonic love thing going on).  Being the stand-up dude he is, Kerry sent me two of them: one for the binder and the other for the bathroom mirror.  Or perhaps the ceiling above the bed, whichever my wife lets me get away with.  Now that I think about it, they'll probably both go in the binder.

I am proud to be part of Kerry's excuse to continue buying basketball packs.

Being a New Orleans boy, it's hard not to root for the Hornets who are about to undergo a name change to the Pelicans next season.  Hopefully that will energize the team a little.  First pick will help, too (we're very much on pace to get that).

This thing is HUGE:

It's a big ol' 5 x 7 baseball card.  It is thick like double-stacked mat board.  The picture is high-gloss, multi-level and the border is a nice textured matte silver.  I may have to run by Michael's and pick up a frame for it.  And check out all the data on the back:

Oh, man.  Remember Posse?  And how about toughest pitcher to face: Scott Radinsky?  We'll have to spend more time on this 5" x 7" beast in my eventual GOUS post wherein I'll cover all my Griffeys of Unusual Size.

Thanks, Kerry!  I'm assembling a package for you, too!

I also got some great new Griffeys from Jason over at The Writer's Journey

More lovely Upper Deck Griffeys plus a Bowman with a great shot of the crowd.  I still hope to find someone picking their nose in the background.  Someday....

I get so excited about oddballs, especially if they are for brands I've never heard of.  This one has a reasonably nice design and no logo.  Let's flip this baby over:

WOW!  This card was made for Kahn's Quality Meats out of Cincinnati.  And what did they do?  An amazing job - that's what.  Look at that stat box!  They even included Griffey's three AAA at-bats when he was in recovery following his wrist injury back in '95.  I am blown away by this beast.  I may even put it into a screw case.

So, I am now on the lookout for Kahn's Quality Meats cards.  No joke.  I want them all.

Thanks for the amazing cards, Jason and this, the king of branded oddballs!


  1. Kahn's sponsored the Reds stadium giveaway team set from '87 or '88 through 2010 or 2011, so there should be about nine different Kahn's Griffeys. Do a search on eBay for Kahns Reds set, most of them are fairly cheap but you will probably have to buy complete sets (they are rarely broken down into singles).

    I just happened to have two copies of this particular card.

    JT, The Writer's Journey

  2. The big Griffey thing was on a table full of random $1 junk at the card show I went to recently. I also picked up a Piazza thing (which admittedly was much, much cooler as it was like a Sportflics card on steroids) for another trade I have going on as well as some sort of Jim Edmonds Matchbox style car + card combo. I love finding stuff like that when I know it will make someone's day.

  3. Thanks for the info, Jason. I did look into it and there are a bunch of sets available. Very exciting.....

    And I appreciate you thinking of me, Kerry! I dream of tables filled with $1 Griffey things. Someday I will find such a table.....