Monday, March 4, 2013

Card Show Booty!

I brought 60 bucks to the card show.  Then I spent 90.  Gotta feed the monkey....

I'm building quite the Don Mossi collection.

That Derrek Lee RC is a Super Refractor #/100.  Mr. Lee's career is long and distinguished, so for a quarter, this was a bargain.  That's a Javy Lopez rookie, and I recently pulled that Babe Ruth card in the form of a reprint, so getting the original for a dollar was a no-brainer.

I just can't pass up a Dave Justice pun nor that Will Clark mini for a quarter.  I learned from Curb Your Enthusiasm that Joe Pepitone is Larry David's favorite player.  Anna K belongs in my "Hot Chicks" collection....and my heart.

These are all cards I've spotted on other blogs that caught my eye.  I only had seven, so to fill that eighth spot, that's a drawing of a fish birthday party (it is up for trade, lucky reader).

Now, it's Griffey time!


Oh, man.  That was good, huh?  Here's my favorite scores of the day:

1995 Leaf Slideshow #8B.  I already have 8A, so this was a welcome find.  And that Pinnacle Zenith card is an "Injured All-Star" Tribute card.  It looks better IRL.

This vendor would not negotiate.  He wanted hi Beckett for everything.  After explaining to him what COMC and eBay are, I finally got him to sell me this one and a handful of other not-terribly-valuable Griffeys for still more than I wanted to pay.  Worth it, though.  Love this card.

And here's the piece de resistance.  One guy had dozens of Griffey memorabilia cards, and I went through every one.  This was the best.  A batting glove with a little wear on it.  How sweet is that?

I think I came home with as many cards for other bloggers as I did for me.  I'll have to start assembling another round of trade packages soon.

Good luck with your respective Mondays!


  1. Excellent finds!

    I'd take that Lee "super refractor" for a quarter all day long. A beaut, for sure.

    Love the "Justice Prevails" card as well, I'd never seen that one before you posted it. Gotta love the '94 Topps Brett and that one of the Dean Bros., too!

    Glad you see you found quite a few Griffeys for yourself as well, sounds like you had a good time at the show! This post has me even more excited for the show I'll be attending in a few weeks.

  2. Nice cartoon Gwynn pickup! I'd like to know the meaning behind the nickname for the "Happy Rabbit" sometime as well. Never seen a batting glove swatch on a card, that looks sweet.

    I'd be interested in the fish birthday card, but only if it's a vintage high-numbered short printed color-variation parallel with a serial number.

  3. Wow, you did pretty good at the show! Anna K., wow I had her as my desktop wallpaper for a couple of years! I usually avoid the dealers that sell everything for book value unless its something I really, really want.

  4. Yeah, the Justice card was news to me, too! I'll keep my eyes peeled for more... And You posted that George Brett and the Dean Bros on your blog, Nick, so those purchases are your fault.

    And I was pleased to see so many Griffeys at this show since last month's was lacking. I'm thinking the word is out. Next month may be huuuuge.

    Fish Birthday is rarer than "Fuzzy Guy Doing Taxes," but it's not quite as rare as "Elephant Track Meet." I can't really draw elephants.